CdV P081 Untold special

In a recent interview Jack Dunning aka English producer Untold said that “having intense experiences with music that you don’t quite understand” was the way in which music moved forward. As well as being a sound philosophy (sic) it is also an apt description of his recent album “Black light spiral” released on his own Hemlock Recordings label, which defies description with its combination of dystopian urban pressure, genreless beat arrangements and untethered futuristic vision. Untold’s career has also taken an unpredictable path, assuming elements of dubstep, techno, industrial and experiemental into a singular identity. This week on Cabeza de Vaca we make the message the meaning and have our own intense experience with some of Untold’s recent work to see where music might go.


CdV P081: Especial de Untold

En una reciente entrevista Jack Dunning el productor Inglés también conocido como Untold dijo que “tener experiencias intensas con música que no se entiende muy bien”, fue la forma en que la música se adelantó. Además de ser una sana filosofía también es una buena descripción de su reciente álbum “Black light spiral”, lanzado en su propio sello Hemlock Recordings, que desafía la descripción con su combinación de la presión urbana distópica, los arreglos de ritmo sin genero y una visión futurista sin ataduras . La carrera de Untold también ha tomado un camino errático, asumiendo elementos del dubstep, techno, industrial y experiemental en una identidad singular. Esta semana en Cabeza de Vaca seguimos su filosofía y tenemos nuestra propia experiencia intensa con algunos de los trabajos recientes de Untold para ver donde la música pudiera irse.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – April 7, 2014

So Jesse Futerman‘s album is about to drop and is full of nice soulful beats and even a bit of house but the super soulful, jazzy “It’s Over” is the winner for us and kicked off this weeks show. Quasi Dub Development then started a little trio of reggae tunes in their own inimitable leftfield dub style and we’ll be showcasing this great album more in the coming weeks before it’s end of May release. GrandMagneto then displayed his ear for a good cover version with a killer version of the classic “Tainted Love” before Keida‘s high grade anthem “Ganja Tea” rounded off the  reggae selection in a red eyed, classic roots style.

It’s been a while since some good underground Indian flavoured beats came along so we were more than happy to display the beat construction talents of Carpet Patrol which led nicely into the post-punk, synth obsessed sounds of “Lava Land” from the great new Wrangler album before The Range changed the musical direction with some great liquid drum and bass. We were very happy to receive a taste of the new Taylor McFerrin album last week and trust us “The Antidote” bodes well for the album about to land.

SFV Acid then lowered the tempo whilst keeping the soul before Rory More keep the mellowness rolling with some great vocals and lush arrangements. We then harked back again to the Lufth album with the hypnotic sounds of “Ebbe und Flut” which was on repeat last week. Black Body then came through with the balearic joys of “Tomorrow Never Comes“, closely pursued bt DJ Center marking his return to the production world with the excellent “2AM Inna London Dub“. Daywalker & CF then ended the show with a truly epic slice of house, the fittingly entitled “Supersonic Transport”

Jesse Futerman – It’s Over (Jus Like Music promo)
Quasi Dub Development – Snake Squeezer (Pingipung promo)
GrandMagneto – Tainted Love, original 7″ version (Favourite promo)
Keida – Ganja Tea (VP)
Karol Conka – Boa Noite, Handclap Mix (Mr. Bongo promo)
Carpet Patrol – Indian Slap (MPM)
Wrangler – Lava Land (Memetune promo)
The Range – Tricky Pose (Donkey Pitch)
Taylor McFerrin – The Antidote feat Nai Palm (Brainfeeder promo)
SFV Acid – Fage Kisses (Uno NYC promo)
Rory More – Gazing Now (Sudden Hunger)
Lufth – Ebbe und Flut (Oktaf)
Black Body – Tomorrow Never Comes, instrumental rmx (OCD promo)
DJ Center – 2AM inna London Dub (Push The Fader promo)
Daywalker & CF – Supersonic Transport (LIES)

Audio Texture is an independent music consultancy specializing in putting extraordinary music in the ordinary world.

We love music even more than chocolate & we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries & support the world of quality, underground music.

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CdV P080 Kassem Mosse special

Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse has always been an understated figure in electronic music. He has been quietly leading the line for years, being one of the pioneers who ushered in the recent wave of dirty sounding house long before it was fashionable. But his sound has always been distinct, combining a nonchalant and languid pace with exquisite arrangements and a lot of subtle percussive detail that recedes deep into the mix. This week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM we explore his new untitled album on Workshop and his back catalogue as well as some of his peers who also adopt uncommon house forms.


CdV P080: Especial de Kassem Mosse


Gunnar Wendel alias Kassem Mosse siempre ha sido una figura discreta en la música electrónica. Él ha estado llevando la línea en silencio por años, siendo uno de los pioneros que marcó el comienzo de la reciente ola de house con un sonido sucio antes de que estuviera de moda. Pero su sonido siempre ha sido distinta, combinando un ritmo indolente y lánguida con arreglos exquisitos y un montón de detalles de percusión sutil que se aleja de profundidad en la mezcla. Esta semana en Cabeza de Vaca y Scanner FM exploramos su nuevo disco sin título en el sello Workshop y su discografía y además algunos de sus compañeros que también adoptan formas poco comunes en house.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – March 31, 2014

We like a good cover version at Audio Texture but very few deliver, unlike the killer version of “Crazy” by Trio Valore, just about to drop on Record Kicks and sure to be making some waves over the summer if their is any justice. Read more…

CdV P079 Perc special

Sometimes Perc still feels like a new artist, but it is easy to forget that his rise to prominence has taken a decade of hard work, perseverance and risks. The north London-based artist has recently delivered his second genre defining album “The power and the glory” which mixes blatant experimentalism with crunchy and battering rhythms without being afraid to make political comment and keep the mind as well as the body occupied. Ali Wells’s label Perc Trax and his new sublabel Submit have also become powerful strongholds of the modern industrial techno sound alongside newcomers Fifth Wall Records and Karl O’Connor’s Downwards imprint, who celebrate their 20th anniversary year, and who both feature prominently this week.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – March 24, 2014

Not much to say this week due to a lack of hours in the day, just the tracklisting for this stylistic mish mash of a show: Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – March 17, 2014

Keeping the words to the minimum today but hope you enjoy the electronic selection as the show explores the depths of machine soul and studio invention. Read more…

CdV P078 Legowelt special

This week Cabeza de Vaca celebrates the release of Legowelt’s latest album “Crystal Code 2080” released on Crème Organization which arrives amidst a flood of impressive releases from the ever prolific Dutch master on labels such as L.I.E.S. Dekmantel and the Acid Arab series on Versatile. Read more…

CdV P077 Lucy special

The first release on Luca Mortellaro aka Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefact imprint was his own single “Why don’t you change?” which in retrospect sounds like both a manifesto and an ultimatum to electronic music. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – March 10, 2014

A trio of quirky yet soulful electronic tunes got the show off to a fine start this week, kicking off with the wobbly, largely instrumental strains of Mr. Mitch closely followed by the vaguely disturbing vibes of James Ferraro before the slow burner, “Vapore” from Palmistry paved the way for the twisted UK hip hop of Strange U‘s ode to Africa. Read more…

CdV P076 Príncipe and African electro special

The nucleus of the Príncipe label may be in Lisbon, but the music they release is perhaps best described as “community music”. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – March 3, 2014

So dreamy, wobbly and soulful sort of sums up this weeks show with the liquid sounds of the Lone remix of Illum Sphere’s, “Embryonic” setting the tone nicely. Read more…

CdV P075 Deadbeat and Paul St Hilaire special

Canadian producer Scott Monteith has long been one of the best dub and dub techno producers and Paul St Hilaire (aka the artist formerly known as Tikiman) is a living legend amongst reggae vocalists. Read more…

Soul, dub madness, hip hop and Brazil

Soul, dub madness, hip hop and Brazil dominate this weeks show kicking off with a track from the excellent debut album from Gabriel Garzon-Montana which has been on repeat all week and is highly recommended. Hollie Cook then took the soul and gave it a Prince Fatty riddim, look out for her new album coming on Mr. Bongo later this year. We couldn’t resist playing the kookly little dub from the new Kalbata & Mixmonster single which led into the crazy dub techno vibes of Martijn Comes, closely followed by the analogue dub vibes of “Robert Rental” a taster from Ekoplekz‘s excellent album coming in March on Planet Mu. Read more…

CdV P074 Terrence Dixon special

Techno has always had a close relationship with anonymity, but there are not many artists who can claim to be unknown after 20 years in the business despite always remaining in full sight. Detroit’s Terrence Dixon is one of the few. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – February 17, 2014

A nice mish mash of styles this week which all seemed to segue together quite pleasingly kicking off with some sunshine jazz funk vibes from Brazil, courtesy of MUV before Aisha Mars supplied some deep, instrumental, soul music from the great Bamalovesoul compiled On Deck 2 from the BBE crew, a great little collection of fresh nu-soul flavours, mostly from artists I’ve never heard of, which makes it even better. Blludd Relations then dubbed up the Owiny Sigoma Band to good effect which led nicely into Jameszoo‘s unrecognisable remix of the great Awanto 3‘s Afro house banger, “Su What? which we previewed on last weeks show. Read more…

CdV P073 Actress special

This week’s show features a motley collection of unpredictable and unclassifiable electronica from Torsten Pröfrock’s classic “No. 8” to new tracks from Patten, Forest Swords and Ricardo Donoso. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – February 10, 2014

Xtrngr from the excellent Mad Hop Bandcamp compilation got the show rolling in atmospheric style before “Secret Garden” from Snow Ghosts, a curve ball, from the normally club orientated Houndstooth label, kept the dreamy vibe but added some lovely vocals and paved the way for more of the same from the very talented Otti Albietz, fresh on BBE Records. Read more…

CdV P072: Delsin special

It is almost 20 years since Amsterdam based label Delsin lifted off with a cassette release from label founder Peel Seamus in 1996. Early this year they celebrated their 100th release with a monster 5 LP box set with exclusive tracks from some of the world’s best artists. This week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM we trace the label’s humble story from the early days as a more eclectic electronica label through to its current day status as one of the most consistent and innovative forces in techno. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – February 3, 2014

Another week, too much to do and not enough time so here is the unlinked tracklisting. Read more…