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Canela En Surco 073 – Pol Etxebe, Purito y su Combo, András Fox & Trujiillo

El 10 de Agosto fue la V Fiesta del programa en la sala Lolita y tuvimos la suerte de poder contar con uno de nuestros mejores amigos, el señor Trujillo, y el gran directo de András Fox & Oscar Key Sung. Read more…

Canela En Surco 072 – Luka Novakovic “Yugoelectro Vol.2″ (Discom/Disco Not Disco)

Discom avatar

Canela En Surco is so proud to present in this last day of our third season, to one of the most interesting diggers in Europe; Mr. Luka Novakovic.

The man behind Discom records and Disco Not Disco has released two of the best reissue works in the past year; first with the Boban Petrovic – Zora Lp last year, and recently with the big compilation of Max Vincent best songs “The Future Has Designed Us”.

Truly dedicated to present less know music from former Yugoslavia, Luka Novakovic bring us an hour of unreleased demos, speeches from the comunist time and some of the most unknown gems in there..

We got crazy some time ago listening Yugoelectro Vol.1.., now we host the 2nd Volume on Canela En Surco…

Check Check Check!


  1. Rex Ilusivii- Ptice (demo 1983.)

including prime minister’s “multiple personality disorder” statements.

  1. Kristijan Bolbort- Holandez (unreleased)
  2. Zeleno Lice- Kad Jednom Odem (unreleased)
  3. Denis&Denis – Sacuvaj Nesto, Cuvaj se!, Jugoton 1984.
  4. Intro to “Belgrade Waterfront” story, akas “How 3 billion USD is actually 300 million USD”
  5. U Skripcu- Beograd Spava, O je!, Jugoton 1983.
  6. Various Artist- Beogradski Davitelj (unreleased)

Development: prime minister’s “wet” dreams about “Belgrade Waterfront”

  1. Gustaph Y Njegovi Dobri Duhovi- Zrtve Plesa, V, A 1986.
  2. U Skripcu- Suma, Godine Ljubavi, Jugoton 1982.
  3. Peak: Praise for prime ministar’s magnificant work by highly intelectual voters.

(“Ode To Pavement Road”)

  1. Nezaboran San O- Nemamo (unreleased)
  2. ZZ Up- Kao Nekad u 8 (unreleased)
  3. Beograd- Mracni Predmet Zelja (unreleased)
  4. Lorenzo& Marconny- U Potrazi Za Sobom, Self titled, PGP 1986
  5. Rex Ilusivii medley (Oliver Mandic-Suma, Ljuljaj Me Nezno, PGP 1981/ with Masimo Savic “Bori se za mene” demo 1986/Katarina II-Geto, Self titled, RTVL, 1984/ with Milan Mladenovic “Courage!”, Disillusioned!, M Produkcija Radio Novog Sada, 1987)



Canela En Surco 071 – Odd Socks Founders (Dickon Stone &James Creed)

Los fundadores de uno de los sellos de House contemporáneo que más seguimos desde su nacimiento hace ya tres anos, Odd Socks, estuvieron durante el pasado Sonar grabando un programa en nuestro estudio casero. Read more…

Canela En Surco 069 – Zhenya Anfalov as Dj Maurice

Zhenya Anfalov, nacido en Kiev, Ucrania. Diseñador Grafico y coleccionista empedernido de discos. Lleva años trabajando en su propio estudio www.anfalov.de, centrado en en trabajo con tipografia, diseño editorial, mapas e ilustracion musical. Read more…

Canela En Surco 068 – Abu Sou & Chez Ed

Read more…

Canela En Surco 067 – Dj Bruce Lee & Oniria Sister Special Guest

Dj Bruce Lee + Oniria Sister Special Guest

Read more…

Canela En Surco 066 – Dadame Special Guest (Italian House Revisited)

Dadame Foto

Canela en Surco invita a  Dadame como invitado especial para hacer una revisión de Italian House

Read more…

Canela En Surco 064 – Glue Kids Special Guest


Tracklist :

(Sigue Jugando..)

Canela En Surco 063 Edu Movin On Special Guest

Canela En Surco 063 Edu Movin On Record Day Store


1 E. RODNEY JONES & FRIENS – Soul Heaven ********* JA 45 

2 CAROLYN SULLIVAN- Dead ******************** Philips 45 

3 THE CHARMELS – As long as i’ve got you *************** Volt 45 

4 JOANN GARRETT – Walk on by **************** Cadet LP 

5 WILLIE WEST – The devil gives me everything ************** Timmion 45 

6 LUCIFER – Don’t you (Think the times a comin) ****** Invictus LP 

7 MAIN INGREDIENT – Looks like rain **************** RCA LP 

8 DENNIS LEE & THE NOTABLES – Sunday afternoon ********** Jenmark 45 

9 DARONDO – Didn’t i ********************** Music City 45 

10 ARETHA FRANKLIN- One step ahead ***************** Columbia LP 

11 GAP MANGIONE TRIO – Diana in the autumn wind ************ GRC LP 

12 MICHAEL WHITE – The blessing song ***************** ABC Impulse! LP 

13 LOREZ ALEXANDRIA – Baltimore Oriole ************** Argo 45 

14 ISLEY BROTHERS – Who’s that lady ************** UA 45 

15 MORRIS DOW & THE EASTERN SOUND – Black child ********** Dee Dee 45 

16 FRANK HUTSON – Old man me ****************** Goodie Train 45 

17 JAMES BROWN – World Pt 1 ***************** Polydor 45 

18 LABI SIFFRE – I got the ***************** EMI UK LP 

19 S.O.U.L – Burning spear ***************** Musicor LP 

20 ANTONIO CASTRO – W.E.L.F.A.R.E ********************* UI 45 

21 SLY, SLICK & WICKED – Love gonna pack up **************** Bad Boys 45 

22 BARRY WHITE – Playing your game baby **************** 20th Century 45 

23 WEE – Try me ********************** Owl 45 

24 UNIVERSAL MINDS – A chance at love ************** Charles 45 

25 TOLBERT – I’ve got it ******************* Rojac 45 

26 LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY – Love sensation (accapella -intro) ******** Salsoul 12″ 

27 FRANKIE KNUCKLES – It’s hard sometime (D.M. Classic Club Mix) **** Virgin 12″


DOWNLOAD LINK:  https://www.sendspace.com/file/x6jxpi



Canela En Surco 062 – Abu Sou & Chez Ed



1.- The United States Of America – The American Metaphysical Circus

2.- N. AE. – Z Listu Do M

3-. Chris Mosdell – Psalm Of Motion

 4.- Sandii and the Sunsetz – An Antenna
5.- Contact-U – Inside You
6.- Guy Cuevas –  Ebony Game
7.- Max Adioa – Toubab Vilé
8.- Rex Rabanye – Onketsang
9.- Umoja – Special Night
10.- Ata Kak – Moma Yendodo
11.- Buttley Moore – Rescue Me
12.- Cs Crew – I’ve Found Love
13.- Voice Of Darkness – we aré origins Of África
14.- Caribean Gay Torpedoes – Tropical Fever
15.- Laser – Desobeissance
16.- Majors Dance Band – Bete Bote
17.- Francis The Great – Ravissante Baby
18.- Letta Mbulu – What’s wrong Whith groovin
19.- Barbara Mason – World In Crisis
20.- Leos sunshipp – madamme butterfly
21.- Coke- Quiero Decirte
22.- Batuca Band – Space Contact
23.- Sounds Of The City Experience – Getting Down
24.- Johnny Hammond – Fantasy
25.- Kinokuniya Band – Crystal Magic
26.- Kings Go Forth – High On Your Love
Bonus Track: Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Sunshine