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Audio Texture Radio Show – April 7, 2014

So Jesse Futerman‘s album is about to drop and is full of nice soulful beats and even a bit of house but the super soulful, jazzy “It’s Over” is the winner for us and kicked off this weeks show. Quasi Dub Development then started a little trio of reggae tunes in their own inimitable leftfield dub style and we’ll be showcasing this great album more in the coming weeks before it’s end of May release. GrandMagneto then displayed his ear for a good cover version with a killer version of the classic “Tainted Love” before Keida‘s high grade anthem “Ganja Tea” rounded off the  reggae selection in a red eyed, classic roots style.

It’s been a while since some good underground Indian flavoured beats came along so we were more than happy to display the beat construction talents of Carpet Patrol which led nicely into the post-punk, synth obsessed sounds of “Lava Land” from the great new Wrangler album before The Range changed the musical direction with some great liquid drum and bass. We were very happy to receive a taste of the new Taylor McFerrin album last week and trust us “The Antidote” bodes well for the album about to land.

SFV Acid then lowered the tempo whilst keeping the soul before Rory More keep the mellowness rolling with some great vocals and lush arrangements. We then harked back again to the Lufth album with the hypnotic sounds of “Ebbe und Flut” which was on repeat last week. Black Body then came through with the balearic joys of “Tomorrow Never Comes“, closely pursued bt DJ Center marking his return to the production world with the excellent “2AM Inna London Dub“. Daywalker & CF then ended the show with a truly epic slice of house, the fittingly entitled “Supersonic Transport”

Jesse Futerman – It’s Over (Jus Like Music promo)
Quasi Dub Development – Snake Squeezer (Pingipung promo)
GrandMagneto – Tainted Love, original 7″ version (Favourite promo)
Keida – Ganja Tea (VP)
Karol Conka – Boa Noite, Handclap Mix (Mr. Bongo promo)
Carpet Patrol – Indian Slap (MPM)
Wrangler – Lava Land (Memetune promo)
The Range – Tricky Pose (Donkey Pitch)
Taylor McFerrin – The Antidote feat Nai Palm (Brainfeeder promo)
SFV Acid – Fage Kisses (Uno NYC promo)
Rory More – Gazing Now (Sudden Hunger)
Lufth – Ebbe und Flut (Oktaf)
Black Body – Tomorrow Never Comes, instrumental rmx (OCD promo)
DJ Center – 2AM inna London Dub (Push The Fader promo)
Daywalker & CF – Supersonic Transport (LIES)

Audio Texture is an independent music consultancy specializing in putting extraordinary music in the ordinary world.

We love music even more than chocolate & we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries & support the world of quality, underground music.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – March 17, 2014

Keeping the words to the minimum today but hope you enjoy the electronic selection as the show explores the depths of machine soul and studio invention. Read more…

CdV P075 Deadbeat and Paul St Hilaire special

Canadian producer Scott Monteith has long been one of the best dub and dub techno producers and Paul St Hilaire (aka the artist formerly known as Tikiman) is a living legend amongst reggae vocalists. Read more…

Soul, dub madness, hip hop and Brazil

Soul, dub madness, hip hop and Brazil dominate this weeks show kicking off with a track from the excellent debut album from Gabriel Garzon-Montana which has been on repeat all week and is highly recommended. Hollie Cook then took the soul and gave it a Prince Fatty riddim, look out for her new album coming on Mr. Bongo later this year. We couldn’t resist playing the kookly little dub from the new Kalbata & Mixmonster single which led into the crazy dub techno vibes of Martijn Comes, closely followed by the analogue dub vibes of “Robert Rental” a taster from Ekoplekz‘s excellent album coming in March on Planet Mu. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – February 10, 2014

Xtrngr from the excellent Mad Hop Bandcamp compilation got the show rolling in atmospheric style before “Secret Garden” from Snow Ghosts, a curve ball, from the normally club orientated Houndstooth label, kept the dreamy vibe but added some lovely vocals and paved the way for more of the same from the very talented Otti Albietz, fresh on BBE Records. Read more…

Una Filosofía del Tocador

 Abril del año 1992. En FistBar!  a Oscar Abril Ascaso se le escapó de las manos un martillo que fue a parar a la rodilla de Sedcontra; finalmente, tras una serie de cortes de corriente, éste abandonó cojeando la sala tras un portazo.

Hoy nos visita Daniel Sedcontra para hablar de esta y otras anécdotas que nos convirtieron, con el paso del tiempo, en personas serias y formales.

Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – November 4, 2013

A mixed bag this week both stylistically and tempo wise and that’s the way it should be really. F.S. Blumm kicked the show off in pastoral style with a taste of his lovely new album about to drop on one of our favourite labels, Pingipung. Read more…

CdV P058: Dub techno special

Due to technical issues a voiceless program this week, with an unmixed run of dub techno and dub-inspired tracks replacing our promised special on Laurel Halo which will be next week. There is plenty on offer though, from some powerful driving club tracks from Bleak, Reeko and Savas Pascalidis, to more atmospheric numbers by Andrea Cichecki, Grad_U and Deepchord, some more experimental dub-flavoured electronica from Genotype and Downliners Sekt and even a vocal track by the under rated German producer Fenin.

Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – October 21, 2013

A nice soulful selection in a roundabout sort of way this week, a week when Boards of Canada have been releasing their back catalogue for all those slow on the draw the first time around. The new Om Unit album on Civil Music is a pleasant surprise with it’s pleasing musicality and some nice vocal touches, ably demonstrated by “The Road” featuring Charlie Dark. Some future hip hop then followed from Thriftworks and a track we plucked from the excellent new Project Mooncircle compilation showcasing artists new and old before The Poets of Rhythm reminded the show of their soul credentials. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – September 9, 2013

Milo Mills launched this weeks show with the atmospheric, instellar vibes of “Rocky” which led nicely into the “Lunar Dub” from Dr. Zygote‘s nice new EP of cinematic beats on Black Acre. Read more…

20Mil Leguas presenta – EL FLACH

Estaba Nemo en la fabulosa biblioteca del Nautilus, sumergido en sus estudios, recopilando información sobre los sucesos que terminaron con la vida y brillante carrera de  su admirado ingeniero Karl Flach. Y así leyó el capitán:

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SubMachinGun#7 My Jamaican Affair. A collection of Dub & Reggae Masterpieces Vol I.

Un breve pero significativo paso por el Caribe y sus ritmos jamaicanos. Conducido y manipulado por Cesar de Melero. Read more…

CdV P041: Boris Bunnik special

Much like Rene Pawlowitz aka Shed, Dutch musician and visual artist Boris Bunnik has used a lot of different monikers to branch out and explore his musical ideas. Most recognisable for his take on dub and techno as Conforce, he has recently been more active under a host of other names, principally the electro-leaning Versalife, who released their debut album “Vantage Point” recently, and Vernon Felicity, his take on modern house. But there are also many other sides and names to Bunnik’s music and this week on Cabeza de Vaca we try to unravel the links between them all as well the art and design he warps them in. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – June 24, 2013

So back from the holiday and back into musical action once more kicking off this week with some of that new/old soul business belted out by the powerful voice of Marta Ren. Debruit then laid down the summer hip hop vibes recorded with Shamon Cassette whilst he was in New York, which led nicely into the ever impressive Homeboy Sandman riding a twisted, yet compulsive break. We were then happy to finally share a track from the forthcoming TG Mauss album which we’ve been sitting on and enjoying for the last few weeks, check it when it drops on the ever interesting Karaoke Kalk in July. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – June 10, 2013

Sweet reggae music from Willie Lindo started this weeks show from the new Beach Diggin’, aptly timed, summer soundtrack from Heavenly SweetnessFrameworksthen provided the beautiful stringy vocals from his great new EP with a little help from the wonderful Kathrin DeBoer. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – May 13, 2013

A nice deep selection this week kicking off with a track from the lovely new Saltland album on the, always worth checking, Constellation label. We then couldn’t resist dropping another track from the impeccably selected If Music/Ninja tune Record Store Day compilation and a great little introduction to the work of Henri Texier who we weren’t previously aware of. Calvin Keys then followed with a track from his killer, back in the day but now reissued courtesy of Snow Dog, album Shawn-Neeq, which has been on repeat all weekend. Deep Latin vibes then followed with another bygone classic, this time from the Cuban crew, Los Brito. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – May 6, 2013

A show of two halves today, downtempo, soulful beats and bobs to start before the bassline and twisted house kicked in to shatter the quiet. Starting this weeks show was a track from the wonderful new project from Peter Wraight, arranger for the Matthew Herbert big band and his new project The Webster Wraight Ensemble before we dropped the most soulful cut from the intriguing recent release by Clouds on Ramp. Now we’ve been bigging up the Omar album recently from the sampler and it looks like the music is living up to the expectation. The album is a real soulful journey across the styles. Ty then followed up with some great Fela sampling hip hop before US soulboys Myron & E made a great first impression. Read more…

Mumbai Science en Razzmattazz

Mumbai Science se ha encargado de devolverle al techno su protagonismo en la escena electrónica mundial. Tomando los ritmos rápidos y electrizantes del electro, la polirritmia rígida y mecanizada del techno y la fuerza de las líneas de bajo mas potentes, ha logrado convertirse en uno de lo actos electrónicos con mayor proyección a futuro.

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Canela En Surco 009 – David M Special Guest

Desde hace años los diferentes y patéticos gobiernos de turno del también patético estado español han cerrado y siguen cerrando las puertas a la aparición de emisoras en FM que no atiendan a las exigencias de patrocinadores y empresarios sin ningún tipo de inquietudes más que las de ganar mucho dinero pagando muy poco

Esta novena edición de  Canela En Surco es un homenaje a toda la gente que ha tenido y tiene RADIOS PIRATAS a lo largo y ancho del planeta; por eso hemos decidido empezar una nueva serie de colaboraciones de artistas, diggers, etc,.. con la presencia en el programa de DAVID M, la persona más rápida mezclando discos y haciendo radio que hay en todo el país. Read more…

Lettre De Cachet

Von Magnet es un grupo  francés de teatro musical que se originó a partir de la escena musical post-industrial de los años 80.
Fundado en 1985 en Londres, el grupo se gestó alrededor de Flore Magnet y Phil Von, iniciando un estilo propio al que llamaron Electroflamenco.

En 1997, después de finalizar los arreglos del disco Mezclador, Stocha (alias Alain Baumann) dejó Von Magnet para dedicarse junto a Rosa Sánchez a su proyecto con Konic Theatre. Aquél mismo año cerramos puertas en Neo Fist.

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