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Audio Texture Radio Show – July 27, 2015

Felix Laband – Pietermaritzburg (Compost)
Bullion – Saysah! (Greco Roman)
Hugh ‘Redman’ James – Ba Bat A Ba Bat (Dub Store)
Leron Thomas – Role Play feat. Bilal (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Mark Barrott – Right 4 Me (International Feel)
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – One In A Million (Timmion promo)
Idris Acaamoor & The Pyramids – Rhapsody in Berlin Part 1 and 2 (Philophon promo)
Medline – Wind Parade feat. Roni Alkekengie (MPM)
Tunde Olaniran feat. Irawniq & Passalacqua – Diamonds (Quite Scientific promo)
Muta – Tongues (Kind Deluxe promo)
DVA and Clara La San – Pink22 (Hyperdub promo)
Souleance – Secoue (First Word promo)
Len Leise – Stars For Jorge (Bandcamp Self Release)
Jack J – Thirstin’ (Future Times)

Audio Texture is an independent music consultancy specializing in putting extraordinary music in the ordinary world. We love music even more than chocolate & we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries & support the world of quality, underground music.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – March 3, 2014

So dreamy, wobbly and soulful sort of sums up this weeks show with the liquid sounds of the Lone remix of Illum Sphere’s, “Embryonic” setting the tone nicely. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – September 30, 2013

So it’s mostly about the beats this week followed by some house mutations but kicking off with Four Tet‘s radical reinterpretation of Jimi Hendrix’s “Castles Made Of Sand” which led nicely to a little Eat Concrete Records love fest. Read more…

Audio Texture Radio Show – February 25, 2012

Sublime deep house kicked off this weeks show courtesy of Isolee and the “Allowance” title track from their new EP which led nicely into the Max Sedgeley like tones of Inch-time and “Time Of The Fire” before Mara TK hit us with some spiritual vibes from way down or New Zealand to be precise. Neve Naive then kept the vibes deep but with a dark undertone before the sugary soul of Inc. cut in with “Angel” the highlight of their pleasant new album on 4AD. Read more…