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Escrito por el 14/10/2013

So the Forgotten Bird‘s album, «Sahara» is finally out and it’s a lovely thing as this weeks opening track, «Windmills Of Your Mind» clearly shows, do yourself a favour and go and buy it to soundtrack those quieter moments in your life. A killer version of one of our favourite Fela tunes, «Sorrow Tears + Blood» then followed, taken from the new Red Hot and Fela album, a long running project to raise money for HIV by bringing a diverse set of artists together to recreate the work of the great man. One of the few instrumental cuts from the forthcoming Reggie B album followed, not because we don’t like his voice, just because the track is completely dope. Rival Consoles then gave the world a taste of his new stripped back studio philosophy and we have to say it’s working, look out for the EP on Erased Tapes soon. Cupp Cave then waded in with some twisted electronic madness, sewn together with an underlying soul thread.

Fulgeance then stripped things back with a minimal yet mesmerising cut from his new album before Samiyam provided a taste of his new output for Leaving Records, although «Snakes On The Moon» is one of the odder tracks. We then had to drop another Jonwayne track from his new album, Rap Album One, which just gets better with every listen. Leroy Sibbles then provided some deep vocal reggae, again courtesy of the great Wackies reissue series,  before Aardvarck kept the bass and peeled away the layers with the simple yet hypnotising «Still Point«. More beats were then the order of the day from Huesstick, obtained as only you can via their Bandcamp page before Katsuma ended the show in an upbeat boogie party style to hopefully leave you with a spring in your step and twinkle in your eye.

Forgotten Birds – Windmills Of Your Mind (Karaoke Kalk)
Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe, Kronos Quartet + Stuart Bogie – Sorrow Tears + Blood (Knitting Factory)
Ross McHenry – Lights Across The Sky (First Word promo)
Reggie B – Addictive feat. Leonard D’Stroy & Hevi (Tokyo Dawn promo)
Rival Consoles – Odyssey (Erased Tapes promo)
Cupp Cave – Everlastic (Ramp)
Fulgeance – He Knows (Musique Large)
Samiyam – Snakes On The Moon (Leaving promo)
Jonwayne – After The Calm (Stones Throw)
Leroy Sibbles – Now You’re Gone (Wackies)
Aardvarck – Still Point (Eat Concrete)
Huesstick – 28 Times A Day (Inaudible Answer Bandcamp)
Katsuma –  All Night, Extended Mix (Zoo Originals promo)

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We love music even more than chocolate & we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries & support the world of quality, underground music.

We also write a blog giving people the heads up on the show and our Facebook page is worth checking for all sorts of musical news.

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