Latitudes 17.03.14

Después de viajar a lo largo y ancho de la galaxia, Cosmic D’Alessandro se instala temporalmente en Barcelona.  Vestido con su mejor disfraz de humanoide, el extraterrestre se acercará semanalmente a scannerFM a compartir sus sonidos favoritos de aquí y de allá, de ahora y de antes. Abrochénse los cinturones y abran bien sus oidos.


Betty Wright – Mr Lucky – Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts of Deep City

Stevie Wonder – Sylvia – Down to Earth

Johnson – You Cant Blame Me – Eccentric Soul, Vol. 1: The Capsoul Label

Brief Encounter – Dont Let Them Tell You – Brief Encounter

Bobby Knight and the Univesal Lady – April – Earth Creature

Orchestre National du Congo – Ntima Ngongo – Vision 1976

Chrissy Zembo Tembo & Ngozi Family – Coffin Maker – My Ancestors

Question Mark – Be Nice to the People – Be Nice to the People

Orchestra Vijanna Jazz – Bujumbura – featuring Mary Maria

David Toop – Do the Batosphere – New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments

James Holden – Renata – The Inheritors

Cece Rogers – Someday – 12″

Mr. Fingers – Waterfalls – Amnesia

The Fireman – 7 AM – Rushes

Wally Badarou – Vesuvio Solo – Words of a Mountain

Jahbitat – The Scent of Sight – Harpy Lights the Canopy

Orphan – Mosf of Missing – Retakes


Shlohmo – The Way U Do (D33J Remix) – Vacation EP

The Weeknd – Thursday – Thursday

Wiz Khalifa feat Kelly Porter – Sometimes – Show and Prove

GZA – Shadowboxin’ – Liquid Swords

Beastie Boys – The Move – Hello Nasty

Wanda Walden – I Must Be Dreaming – 12″

Midnight Star – Midas touch – Headlines

Evelyn Champagne King – Making Me So Proud – Face to Face

Usura – Come Bring Me – Open Your Mind

Steve Moore – Deep Time – Pangaea Ultima

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