Alexander Von Schlippenbach. Schlippenbach plays Monk, 2004
Dominic J Marshall Trio. Icaros, 2012
Marc Wagnon. Earth is a Cruel master, 2010
The Bad Plus with Bill Frisell. Live at The Newport Jazz Festival, 2012

Tiempo LRR: 1 h. aprox.

Playlist LMR

Alexander Von Schlippenbach
Schlippenbach plays Monk

Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano. Sunny Murray, batería. Ino Nabuyoshi, contrabajo.

01. Work (3:29)
02. Coming On The Hudson (4:18)

Dominic J Marshall Trio

Dominic J Marshall: piano; Tobias Nijboer: double bass; Kaspars Kurdeko: drums.

03. Loose in Your Atmosphere (5:24)
04. Pointer (7:40)

Marc Wagnon
Earth is a Cruel Master

Marc Wagnon: vibraphone, marimba, drums, percussion, keyboards; Van Manakas: guitar; Leo Traversa: electric bass; Danny Stone: upright bass.

05. Echo Star (5:43)
06. Embarquement (6:33)

The Bad Plus with Bill Frisell
Live at The NewPort Jazz Festival
Ethan Iverson: piano. Reid Anderson: bass. Dave King: drums. Bill Frisell: guitar.

07. The Owl Of Cranston (7:19)
08. Mumbo Jumbo (8:56)