Audio Texture Radio Show – March 31, 2014

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We like a good cover version at Audio Texture but very few deliver, unlike the killer version of «Crazy» by Trio Valore, just about to drop on Record Kicks and sure to be making some waves over the summer if their is any justice. A Dutch double then ensued, kicking off with the nu-soul of Sleepin Giant who is just about to put a nice new EP onOriginal Cultures then closely followed by a track from the killer Julian Edwardes EP, also about to drop, from that nice Fremdtunes crew before Kirkis waded in with some of his trademark sonic quirkiness for his new label home, Eglo.

UK MCs then took charge for the next three tracks kicking off with an old Roots Manuvatunes to mark the15th anniversary of his debut album for Big Dada and the start of the legend that is Rodney Smith. The UK new school then took over, admittedly a bit slack lyrically, but you can’t deny the freshness and flow, firstly of Boya Dee & Peigh riding some Mele beats before Riko did the vocal business with some tight Wen production that led nicely into the reggae vibes of Kalbata & Mixmonster with the nicely namedEcho Minott providing a more conscious message. Deep House was then the order of the day with the soulful sounds of Healing from the dependable team Broadcite.

We were happy to see Romare getting the Ninja Tune call after his excellent EP of last year and there is still some of that blues flavour, albeit a bit more submerged and we’re looking forward to the LP later in the year. Christian Prommer then provided some sprawling, chugging slo-mo house  sounds before Onno Vader upped the tempo to nice effect and paved the way for another footwork end to the show firstly from the epicly entitled «Sherwood & Pinch Clash Machinedrum Dub Fi Dub, Downtown, Uptown and All Around Town remix» of Machinedrum’s, «Eyesdontlie» beforeNameBrandSound rounded the show off with yet more 160 BPM urban vibes for those with quick feet.

Trio Valore – Crazy (Record Kicks promo)
Sleepin Giant – Hey Girl feat Romaine Smith (Original Cultures promo)
Julian Edwardes – Skelter (Fremdtunes promo)
Kirkis – Side Worm Jelly (Eglo promo)
Roots Manuva – Movements (Big Dada)
Mele – I Like It feat Boya Dee & Peigh (Girls Music promo)
Wen – Play Your Corner feat Riko (Keysound)
Kalbata & Mixmonster – Out A Road feat Echo Minott (Freestyle promo)
Healing – Underground Vibe, Veda Vocal mix (Broadcite promo)
Romare – Jimmy (Ninja Tune promo)
Christian Prommer – Duckwalk (Compost Black)
Onno Vader – Persian Gulf (High On Beats)
Machinedrum – Eyesdontlie, Sherwood & Pinch Clash Machinedrum Dub Fi Dub, Downtown, Uptown and All Around Town remix (Ninja Tune promo)
NameBrandSound – Spell On Me (Technicolour)

Audio Texture is an independent music consultancy specializing in putting extraordinary music in the ordinary world.

We love music even more than chocolate & we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries & support the world of quality, underground music.

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