Audio Texture Radio Show – September 2, 2013

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A largely leftfield electronic selection this week kicking off with more Shigeto because, quite frankly, you can’t have too much of Shigeto‘s new album which is on the headphones and on repeat. A young lady from Japan, under the artistic name of Moskitoo has infiltrated the bearded, overly serious world of avant-garde electronica to good effect as her tune «Night Hike» ably demonstrated. Her album comes via the ever great 12K label so look out for her soon to be released album, Mitosis. That led nicely into the lovingly textured, ambient soundscape, «Le Pont» from (the probably bearded) Gaston Arevalo from Uruguay. The first of two John Wizard tracks then ensued and we have to say the album is surely one of the joys of the Autumn release schedule, there really is nothing else like it out there and if there is we want to hear it.

Attention then turned to the African diaspora and Haiti in particular as we dropped some Toto Bissanthe from the excellent new Rough Guide to Voodoo compilation which paved the way nicely for the Brazilian jazz fusion of Lavoura on EBS Diggin, a really interesting Brazilian label we have had the fortune to hook up with recently. After the almost dreamy start to the show things then took a turn for the uptempo, kicking off with a drum and bass/proto footwork remix of Christian Falk, surprisingly by disco/house don, Opolopo. Full on footwork rave madness then ensued from Brooklyn native Seafloor released on Russian label Hyperbolid, now there’s a lesson for Obama and Putin – co-operation! Archie Pelago with their slightly bonkers, broken blend of beats and instrumentation then graced the show and we whole heartedly recommend you obtain their new EP coming on Styles Upon Styles very shortly, they’re fresh, got a great name and good artwork, what more do you want?

An urban soundtrack by the ever dependable Roots Manuva then dropped the tempo, paving the way for one of the more leftfield cuts from the new Jessy Lanza album on Hyperdub before, lest you forget the quirky joys too quickly, we dropped another cut from the excellent, self titled album, from John Wizards. Damiano von Erckert then chipped in with some modern boogie aided by the vocal talents of Georgia Anne Muldrow before we threw in another, simple but effective, Shigeto track before ending the show in fine style with a track from GB and taster from his rather excellent new album coming very soon on the modestly entitled Gifted and Blessed label.

Shigeto – First Saturn Return (Ghostly International)
Moskitoo – Night Hike (12K promo)
Gaston Arevalo – Le Pont (Rollin Ballads)
John Wizards – Leuk (Planet Mu)
Toto Bissanthe – Dey (Rough Guide)
Lavoura – Iperoig (EBS Diggin)
Christian Falk feat Jevetta Steele – Calling You, Opolopo remix (White)
SeaFloor – Toolate, original mix (Hyperboloid promo)
Archie Pelago – Joyce Drop (Styles Upon Styles promo)
Roots Manuva – 93 (Big Dada promo)
Jessy Lanza – As If (Hyperdub promo)
John Wizards – Jabu Ley (Planet Mu)
Damiano von Erckert – Hollywood feat Georgia Anne Muldrow (AVA promo)
Shigeto – Miss U (Ghostly International)
GB – The Winds Have Passed (Gifted and Blessed promo)

Audio Texture is a small music consultancy focused on the musical road less travelled. We love music even more than chocolate and we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world so we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries and support the world of quality, underground music.

We write a weekly radio show blog but unfortunately there isn’t enough space here for it so head to the link below to read as you listen. The blog also contains reviews of new releases, authorized free downloads, streams etc. If you would like to know about our services then check the website.

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