Audio Texture Radio Show – September 23, 2013

Escrito por el 27/09/2013

Quite an experimental, cosmic sort of vibe going on this week kicking off in lovely melodic style though with Noveller‘s «Bright Clouds Bloom» which led right into the submerged jazz beats of Ahnnu before Submerse waded in with some fine instellar beats from his new Project Mooncircle release. Things got a bit beat mental from then on with Oneohtrix Point Never and then Mike Gao both ditching familiar song structures to good, if slightly challenging, effect.

Low Leaf is a multi-talented type of girl hanging out in LA and is about to release some interesting material on MPM, which «Burning Clouds» nicely showcases. Our new favourite Aussie muso Kirkis then provided a fitting tribute to the recently departed George Duke. Classic Reggae from Bullwackies All Stars was then the order of the day courtesy of the very welcome Wackies digital reissue program which led nicely into some spiritual jazz from the new Jimi Tenor album, Exocosmos.

Vakula then dropped a 9 minute slice of deep, slo-mo jazz house of the highest order before things went all leftfield hip hop firstly from exciting new French producer Zerolex with some help from Selfsays and then with an old Audio Texture favourite the Clark remix of Rone‘s «Let’s Go«. We were then really happy to be teasing you with some of the new Torus material as this young Dutch producer goes from strength to strength, look our for the EP next month on Sonic Router. Harleighblu then provide some nice deep soulful vibes before Lucrecia Dalt added her own blend of machine soul to proceedings before Samuel finished the show in a nice way with «Steam Train» from his new EP forthcoming on Technicolour.

Noveller -Bright Clouds Bloom (Ghostly International promo)
Ahnnu – Shame (Leaving Records)
Submerse – Melonkoly, RLP Remix (Project Mooncircle promo)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Zebra (Warp)
Mike Gao – Semisophisticated Freak (Huh What Where)
Low Leaf – Burning Clouds (MPM promo)
Kirkis feat. Laneous – Just For You (Wondercore Island Mixtape)
Bullwackies All Stars – Selasi I Dubwise (Wackies)
Jimi Tenor – Accra Blues (Sahko)
Vakula – Sleepy Vision (Firecracker)
Zerolex – Home feat Selfsays (Eklektic promo)
Rone – Let’s Go, Clark Remix (Warp)
Torus – Feeel (Sonic Router promo)
Harleighblu – How Deep Is Your Love (Tru-Thoughts promo)
Lucrecia Dalt – Mirage (Human Ear Music promo)
Samuel – Steam Train (Technicolour promo)

Audio Texture is a small, independent music consultancy specializing in putting extraordinary music in the ordinary world.

We love music even more than chocolate & we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries & support the world of quality, underground music.

We also write a blog giving people the heads up on the show, new releases & things of an interesting, musical nature.

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