CdV P078 Legowelt special

This week Cabeza de Vaca celebrates the release of Legowelt’s latest album “Crystal Code 2080” released on Crème Organization which arrives amidst a flood of impressive releases from the ever prolific Dutch master on labels such as L.I.E.S. Dekmantel and the Acid Arab series on Versatile.

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CdV P077 Lucy special

The first release on Luca Mortellaro aka Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefact imprint was his own single “Why don’t you change?” which in retrospect sounds like both a manifesto and an ultimatum to electronic music.

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CdV P074 Terrence Dixon special

Techno has always had a close relationship with anonymity, but there are not many artists who can claim to be unknown after 20 years in the business despite always remaining in full sight. Detroit’s Terrence Dixon is one of the few.

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CdV P073 Actress special

This week’s show features a motley collection of unpredictable and unclassifiable electronica from Torsten Pröfrock’s classic “No. 8” to new tracks from Patten, Forest Swords and Ricardo Donoso.

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CdV P072: Delsin special

It is almost 20 years since Amsterdam based label Delsin lifted off with a cassette release from label founder Peel Seamus in 1996. Early this year they celebrated their 100th release with a monster 5 LP box set with exclusive tracks from some of the world’s best artists. This week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM we trace the label’s humble story from the early days as a more eclectic electronica label through to its current day status as one of the most consistent and innovative forces in techno.

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CdV P071: Moodymann special

Few artists have left an instant impact that has lasted so long. But there are few artists like Detroit’s Kenneth Dixon JR, aka Moodymann. From his techno influenced debut in album 1997 on Carl Craig’s label Planet E to his most recent and self-titled jazz-house masterpiece on his own label KDJ label he has consistently delivered something new and innovative in a city that thrives on creativity, even as it files for bankruptcy. This week we unravel some of the themes running through the work of Moodymann and the complicated web of character and setting that set his most recent work apart from the imitators.


CdV P071: Especial de Moodymann

Pocos artistas han dejado un impacto inmediato que ha durado tanto tiempo. Pero son pocos los artistas como Kenneth Dixon JR de Detroit, alias Moodymann. Desde su debut álbum influenciado por el Detroit techno en 1997 en el sello Planet E de Carl Craig a su más reciente y homónimo obra maestra de jazz-house en su propia sello KDJ siempre ha ofrecido constantemente algo nuevo e innovador en una ciudad que destaca por la creatividad, así como que se declara en bancarrota. Esta semana vamos a desentrañar algunos de los temas que atraviesan la obra de Moodymann y la complicada red de carácter y escenario que estableció su más reciente trabajo, aparte de los imitadores.

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CdV P070: Modern Love and Andy Stott

Since 2002 the Manchester based label Modern Love has represented a sort of litmus test of where current electronica is at. With the restless and predatory curiosity of a cat they have stalked out the forever opening frontiers, shifting from dub techno, to dub step and drum n bass, and then on to knackered house, dark ambient and now noise. But Modern Love has been an innovator of these trends and not a follower. One of their most lauded artists is Andy Stott who has been behind some of the most seminal albums and new sounds, over the last few years. This week we share the respect between the two, focusing on some new releases from label and some essential remixes from Andy Stott.


CdV P070: Modern Love y Andy Stott


Desde 2002, el sello Modern Love con base en Manchester ha representado una especie de prueba de fuego de donde la electrónica actual se encuentra. Con la curiosidad inquieta y depredadora de un gato han acechado a las fronteras que se abren continuamente, cambiando desde el dub techno, a dub step y drum n bass, y luego a knackered house, dark ambient y ahora noise. Pero Modern Love siempre ha sido un innovador de estas tendencias y no un seguidor. Uno de sus artistas más aclamados es Andy Stott quien ha estado detrás de algunos de los álbumes más seminales y los sonidos nuevos en los últimos años. Esta semana compartimos el respeto entre los dos, se centra en algunos de los nuevos lanzamientos del sello y algunos remixes esenciales de Andy Stott.

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CdV P068: Best of 2013 – electronica

One of the most notable trends in electronic music in 2013 was the dominant impact of albums from artists working in left field and ambient-leaning electronica. It seemed that a great number of artists fully assimilated into the album concept and delivered masterpiece works that used the format to all its strengths while pushing themselves to unleash their sound in more unpredictable ways.

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CdV P067: Best of 2013 – House

2013 found house stretched to the limit. At one extreme are artists like Ex-Pylon and the roster of 100% Silk making ecstatic, rough-edged and casual lo-fi tracks, while at the other end Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie amongst others purvey a more glamorous and commercial style with bigger bass and straighter edges.

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CdV P064: Electronica special

It is the last of our normal shows this week before we start a four part round-up of the best of 2013. We start with Roly Porter’s epic and dramatic track “Gravity” before turning down a cul-de-sac of experimental beat collages from _moonraker, Objekt and Diskotopia boss BD1982. Daniel Avery and Vester Koza steady the ship with some dreamy and trance-inspired techno and finally we close off with two tracks from Young Echo and Machinedrum that distort and rejuvenate the conventions of the vocal-pop song that feed nicely into Spanish artist Warmth’s chill out piece.

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CdV P063: Marcel Dettmann special

Another artist this week who doesn’t need too much introduction. Marcel Dettmann, the East German-born and bred producer has long been at the top of the game with his world renowned and often lengthy DJ sets honed to perfection on the legendary Berghain sound system. Production-wise, Dettmann has made a name as a remixer, but it was only in 2013 that his original material began to live up to the high level expected of him with several solid 12”s and an adept and determined second album on Ostgut Ton.


CdV P063: Especial de Marcel Dettmann


Otro artistas esta semana que no necesita demasiada introducción. Marcel Dettmann, el productor nacido y criado  en el este alemán ha sido durante mucho tiempo en la parte superior del juego con su mundo renombre y, a menudo largas sesiones de DJ perfeccionado en el legendario sistema de sonido de Berghain. Pero de sus producciónes Dettmann ha hecho un nombre como remixer, pero fue sólo en 2013 que su material original comenzó a vivir de acuerdo con el alto nivel que se espera de él con varios 12 «s sólidos, y un segundo álbum adepto y determinado en Ostgut Ton.


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CdV P062: Lawrence special

Not quite the grand special that such a prolific, consistent and influential artist such as Lawrence probably deserves, but being the end of the year we have to make way for the last of the new from 2013. But there is still time for a preview of something from Lawrence’s sixth and latest album “Films and Windows”, a recent single, as well as some of the standout work from his contemporaries in the field of deep house.


CdV P062: Especial de Lawrence


No es el gran especial que un artista tan prolífico, consistente e influyente como Lawrence probablemente merece, pero al ser el final del año tenemos que dar paso a la última de lo nuevo de 2013. Pero todavía hay tiempo para una vista previa de algo del sexto y último disco de Lawrence «Films and Windows», una reciente single, así como algunos de los trabajos destacado de sus contemporáneos en el campo de deep house.

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CdV P061: Bosconi Records special

Coming from the hills of Tuscany near Florence in Italy, the Bosconi Records contingent headed by Fabio Della Torre and Ennio Colaci have made a big mark on 2013 with their impressive Bosconi Stallions series of 12”s as well as their regular releases.

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