1.- Mahjun (Mouvement Anarcho Héroïque des Joyeux Utopistes Nébuleux) – Nous Ouvrirons Les Casernes ( VA-Mobilisation Generale:Protest and Spirit Jazz From France – Born Bad Records/DiggersDiggest)

2.- Kamel Raouf Nagati – De l’Orient à l’Orion (VA-Mobilisation Generale:Protest and Spirit Jazz From France —Born Bad Records)

3.- Honey Ltd. – Love, The Devil  (Light In the Attic Records)

4.- Os Anjos – Avante Juventude  (Analog Africa)

5.- Ogassa – Ogassa Story  (Albarika Store, Benín; now Reissue on HOT CASA RECORDS)

6.- Carlos Lamartine – Bassoka (Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distortion & Other Innovations – Analog Africa)

7.-Dusty Gringo – Malvinas (Risk City)

8.- John Gibbs And The Jam Band – J´ouvert (TEC RECORDS)

9.- Jamie Finlay – BlackeyedSoul (Stillove4music)

10.- Stanton Davis Guetto Misticism – “Things Cannot Stop Forever”  (Outrageous Records 1977, now Reissue on Soul Cal)

11.- Unknown – I Love The Way

 12.- Pure Essence – “Wake Up” (Soul Cal Reissue)