La trigésima edición de Canela En Surco se ha realizado estrictamente de acuerdo a cómo viene siendo desde sus inicios; muchos discos, dos platos, una mesa y un micro.


1.- Roland Young – Row Land (Isophonic Boogie Woogie LP 1980 – Flow Chart Rec.) now Reissue on EM Records

2.- Cosmic Eye – Dream (Dream Sequence LP) (1972 Regal Zonophone) now Reissue on Sound Edition

3.- The Yasotha Somasundram Ensemble – Bombay by Night (Authentic India Vol. 1 – Sonoton) Reissue on Light Sounds  Dark

4.- Roland Young – Don´t make me wait  (Hearsay I-Land Compilation)  (Palto Flats 001)

5.- Cleo McNett – Snap   (Let the Music Guide You LP)  (McNett Records)

6.- The Indisputed Truth – You make your own heaven and hell right here on earth (Face to Face With the Truth) (1971 TAMLA MOTOWN)

7.- Disco Blaze – Hear the Musik  (Jump Back LP) (African Sun Recordings)

8.- Tony Aiken and Future 2000 – Time Tunnel  (Unity LP) (Kimsha Records)

9.- Luther Davis – You can be a star 7″   (Lifetime Records)

10.- Ugly Drums – Changin ways  (Fifty Fathoms Deep 003)

11.- Alex Agore – Join the Party (Kolour LTD)

12.- The Passages – Street Player (Better Days Records)




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