Dreamy Beats MIX – por DJ Chelis

Esta semana un mix especial de Chelis, uno de los más relevantes, cultos, encantadores y excelentes djs de España (y el resto del mundo). Lo ha llamado «Dreamy Beats«, y lo grabó en su casa con la única iluminación de su equipo… sugerente ¿verdad? pues escuchadlo, porque superará todas vuestras expectativas. (gracias Chelis!)


This week the show features a special mix by the mighty, amazing, wicked and charming Chelis! one of the best djs of Spain without any doubt. He named it as «Dreamy Beats«, and recorded at home with the only light of the equipment… it sounds attractive, right? Well, you just listen and check it out by yourself, because it’s more than worth it. (many thanks Chelis)

Dreamy Beats MIX – por DJ Chelis

Gareth Dickson – Happy Easters – 12K

Arclight – Obsidian – Vase

Weedy of 40 Winks – For Us – Project: Mooncircle

Zodiac – Points – Vase

Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Clip! Edit) – self released

P Villa – Beliefs are free – Astronautico

Bar-Kays – I can’t Believe you’re leaving me (Fulgeance edit) – self released

Comanche – West 7th – Astronautico

Kelpe – City – Svetlana Industries

Débruit– West Wind’s Seagulls (Mwëslee remix)- Civil Music

Machinedrum – Whatnot – Innovative Leisure Records

Raja – Cyclops Drift – Astronautico

Fitzroy North – Six Up – Fine Grains

Ango – Perfume – Vase

Seal – Crazy (Clip! Edit) – self released

Kelpe – I Felt Fuzzy (Naive Machine remix) – Svetlana Industries

Arp101 x Elliot Yorke – Fluro Black – Donky Pitch

Devon Who – Strangebrew (B.Bravo remix)- All City

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