Entrevistamos a los franceses Jabberwocky

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Mind-blowing music, electro-pop wave, this is how we can qualify this French band.

It makes less than a year those three medicine students made a break to devote them selves to music. From a TV ad of a famous brand of car to the top radio charts in France, with their music flow, they’re aboard for a high tones journey.

They started with the Photomaton’s notes, but now, A new EP ‘Pola’ is coming out of the shade, like those guys, stealthily, like discreet monsters, like this famous Jabberwocky monster of Lewis Carroll.

We did interview the members of this Poetic named band: Camille Camara, Emmanuel Bretou and Simon Louis Pasquer.

scannerFM: Met in Medicine University, you started music together.

What is the source, the story of your beginning? How has launched this ‘project’ with mind-blowing tones?

JABBERWOCKY: It came quite naturally. We’re longtime friends and we always had this attraction to music together. We wanted to create our proper pieces, in ‘Home studio’, by pleasure and to pass the time.

We were listening all this with our friends in parties.

Photomathon has been the first title we we’ve done. A friend motivated us to share it on Youtube.

Radio Nova came to the loop and it made the snowball effect. This is how the band was born.

scannerFM: How do you work and compose at three?

JBBRWCK: We get together, with each different role in the composition. It can come from a sequence of agreement with synth or guitar, from a sample, a sing… We’re building and arranged together.

scannerFM: ‘Photomaton’: what is the story of the ‘Photomaton’ composition?

JBBRWCK: We started with a suit of chords and vocal, we’ve built around it and recorded a sample sing. Then, we sought for a female voice and a mutual friend has introduced Elodie to us. After some adjustments, the track pleased us, and we finished it there is approximately a year.

This is a friend who motived us to post it on YouTube and we sent it to electronic music blogs. This is how we met Pain Surprise Label and how Radio Nova found us.

scannerFM: A famous brand of car used your song for its TV campaign,

How did you learn the company canted to use your track?

How did you react?

JBBRWCK: our editor who works with this brand has contacted us. We liked the aesthetic of the ad highlighted the song. Adapting the piece on a short format of 30 seconds was an interesting exercise. It permitted us a larger exposure of the song.

scannerFM: First moment, first place, first sensation when you hear your sound on the air?

–       Simon: in my car on my way back from the hospital, it was weird but cool

–       Camille: in my car, but on my way to the hospital, it was surprising, it highlighted my day

–       Manu: I was at home, it was the same, I’ve was surprised and happy

scannerFM: We read that your inspirations are coming on first ‘of you experiences’… communal experiences?

JBBRWCK: Not necessarily. It is all the experiences that we share, it can be personal. This is the idea of Russian dolls every experience echoes something in one or in the other.

scannerFM: Brief aside of studies, sudden enthusiasm with your music title,

Today, are you more passion or reason?

JBBRWCK: We’re keeping head on shoulders. At the moment, we’re on the musical project, but we know that to enjoy it the maximum, we must use all the means on our side. And this is not a question of stopping university; our dean accords us an arrangement for studies to be able to combine everything.

scannerFM: How your first tour is going?

JBBRWCK: Very well, we’re taking lots of pleasure. We play in beautiful venues. We’re learning a lot.

scannerFM: Where have been the good surprises?

JBBRWCK: There has been a lot in a short time… The meeting with our label Pain Surprise, the video shot, the buzz around the song and the radio diffusion, the meeting with our technicians and lots of other people in the entertainment industry, concerts…

scannerFM: How you came from a rock influence to what you produce now? (Camille and Manu)

Camille and Manu: Thru curiosity and simply because we wanted to experiment something else.

scannerFM: To finish, we know you are preparing your first EP, can we know where Jabberwocky is going? International projects? Spanish tour? (ScannerFm would be pleased!)

JBBRWCK: We are building our visual, scenic and artistic universe. Our future EP and the movie clip will be out in April. We’re continuing to compose and we got some dates until September with some stops in Switzerland. Obviously we’re motivated for shows in other countries, and why not Spain!

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