Guava Beats: upbeat and remixed sounds from around the world.  We explore the most bailable cocktail of music and culture from all corners of the globe: Cumbia, Reggae dub, Balkan, Afro beat, Baile funk, Calypso, Electroswing and Bollywood to name but a few! 

Originally from London, Joëlle pioneered Guava Beats in 2010 and now gets the chance to broadcast it on the Scanner FM airwaves in Barcelona! In our FIRST EVER show for Scanner FM, we play the latest sounds from the edgy Karol Conka in Brazil, Ethiopian funk remixes by Uproot Andy. We backtrack to the 80’s to take a listen to Somalia’s  ‘Dur Dur Band’.  Not to forget our Guava Go-Go that accompanies you on a virtual journey to Eritrea where we discover the roots of their music and check out the underground scene!

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1)  Karol Conka – Boa noite
2) Mungo’s Hifi – Boom shiva
3) Dur Dur Band – Du yo
4) Systema Solar – El boton del pantalon (Panko remix)
5) Gramatik – Whilst I was playing fair
6) Abraham Afewerki -(Unknown)
7) Asmara Allstars – Adunia
8) Zafè Chô – Tikitak Tikitak
9) America Mulatu Atstakte vs. K’naan feat Mos Def (Uproot Andy remix)
10) Romare – Your love
11) DJ Maars – Nature by nature – Feel me flow (Maars Reggae re-rub)
12) Marta Mattoti y los Martianos – Rose nere sfondo rosso
13) Skeewif – No puede esperar