Después de viajar a lo largo y ancho de la galaxia, Cosmic D’Alessandro se instala temporalmente en Barcelona. Vestido con su mejor disfraz de humanoide, el extraterrestre se acercará semanalmente a scannerFM a compartir sus sonidos favoritos de aquí y de allá, de ahora y de antes. Abrochénse los cinturones y abran bien sus oidos


Rev. Moseley – Jesus Will Make it All Right – Preachers and Congregations: Treasures of North-American Negro Music Volume 6 – 7″

Golden Gate Quartet – Steal Away and Pray – Negro Spirituals

Brother Grady Coffee – I’m Working on a Building – This May be My Last Time Singing: Raw African American Gospel on 45RPM 1957-1982

Jerry Gilmon – That’s My Girl – 7″

Wilson Picket – Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won’t Do) – The Exciting Wilson Picket

Jerry Townes – Three Sides To A Triangle – The Nickel & Penny Labels

Betty Wright – Thank You Baby – The Outskirts of Deep City

The Vibrations – Canadian Sunset – Greatest Hits

The Chosen Few – I Can’t Take No Chances – Taking all the Love I Can

Michael Jackson – We Are Almost There – Forever, Michael

Faruk Green – Faith – Faith 7″

Blo – Don’t Pull The Form Under Me – Step Three

The Ogyatanaa Show Band – Disco Africa – Ghana Soundz

Toni Tornado – Podes Crer, Amizade – Black Rio: Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980

Bo Baral – No Time To Wallow in the Myrrh – 7″

Jimi Hendrix – Earth Blues – Rainbow Bridge OST

The Brooklyn Allstars – If Loving God is Wrong (I Don’t Want to be Right) – Holy Spirit: Spiritual Soul & Gospel Funk from Shrevenport’s Jewel Records

– Break –

Josephine Jones – Candy Man – Raw Soul: Rare & Unreleased Funk from Norfolk, Virginia 1971-1973

Incredible Bongo Band – Sing, Sing, Sing – The Returno of The Incredible Bongo Band

Ronnie McNeir – Young Girl – Ronnie McNeir

Orlandivo – Onde Ande e Meu Amor – Black Rio: Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980

El Chicano – Sweet Santation – This is El Chicano

Santana – Transcendance – 7″

Harvey Mason – Kauai – Groovin’ You

Jonhy Guitar Watson – Love That Will Not Die – Funk Beyond the Call of Duty

Sugiyama Kiyotaka & The Omega – River’s Island – River’s Island

– Break –

Dr. York – Plain as Black & White – New

Raydio – Going Through School and Love – Rock On

Phil Fearon & Galaxy – Head Over Heals – Phil Fearon & Galaxy

Yarbrought and Peoples – Come To Me – The Two of Us

Momoko Kikuchi – Good Friend – Adventure

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