Latitudes 03.03.14

Escrito por el 03/03/2014

Después de viajar a lo largo y ancho de la galaxia, Cosmic D’Alessandro se instala temporalmente en Barcelona.  Vestido con su mejor disfraz de humanoide, el extraterrestre se acercará semanalmente a scannerFM a compartir sus sonidos favoritos de aquí y de allá, de ahora y de antes. Abrochénse los cinturones y abran bien sus oidos


Dallas Church – Yield Not To Temptation (1948) – from the Alan Lomax Archives*

Mississippi Prison Recordings – O Rosie (1948) – from the Alan Lomax Archives*

Bessie Jones – Gator (1961) – from the Alan Lomax Archives*

Boy Blue, Joe Lee, Darnel Walker – Boogie Chilldren – Alan Lomax Field Recording, 1959

Skip James – Cherry Ball Blues – Alan Lomax Field Recording, 1959

Spirit of Memphis Quartet – Sign of the Judgement – Original Greatest Hits

Echoes of Harmony – Ain’t It a Shame – This May be my Last Time Singing: Raw African-American Gospel on 45rpm (1957-198

Clarence Haddon – There has Never Been a Moment – 7

Albertina Walker – Love One Another – 7″

The Village Soul Choir – The Country Walk – 7″

Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come – Shake

Satisfaction Unlimited – Think Of The Children – Think Of The Children

Soul Stirrers – I’m Trying to be Your Friend – Holy Spirit: Spiritual Soul & Gospel from the Shrevenport’s Jewel Records

Darondo – Saving My Love – Listen to my Song: The Music City Sessions

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – If This World Were Mine – United

Flaming Ember – Mind, Body & Soul – Westbound n.9

Meters – Cissy Strut – The Meters

The Burns Brothers of Belton S.C. – Remember your Creator – 7″

James Bell And The Highlighters – Poppin Popcorn – 7″

African Music Machine – Camel Time – Black Water Gold

The Final Solution – Brotherman – Brotherman OST

Funkadelic – What Is Soul – Funkadelic

Eugene McDaniels – Supermarket Blues – Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse

Solid Rock Big Band – Oh Saviour

Mandrill – Moroccan Nights – Composite Truth

Dorothy Ashby – Life Has It’s Trials – Afro-Harping

Albert Ayler – Spirits Rejoice – Spirits Rejoice

John Coltrane – Run Star – Stellar Regions

Sun Ra – That’s How i Feel – Lanquidity



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