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Novedades + Especial FlyLo meets Isao Tomita en Feedback!

Escrito por el 03/10/2012

This week we take a look at some beautiful new music we’ve heard recently, such as the glorious Shields by Grizzly Bear, Barcelona based procuder Astroboyz first release in Struments Records, amazing mix of Lianne La Hsavas by Melé, the pair of Trim and James Blake under the Trimbal moniker and the deep incredible techno new effort by Silent Servant. Gabi Tineo has been doing some research, and he’s found a direct connection between Flying Lotus and japanese classic underground cosmic composer Isao Tomita: great feature. We end with the usual brilliant pearl, this time from the Jesus & Mary Chain album Psychocandy. Hope you enjoy


Grizzly Bear _ Gun-Shy _ Shields _ Warp, 2012

Astroboyz _ PianoBatacaZoo _ PianoBatacaZoo EP _ Struments, 2012

Lianne La Havas _ Forget (Mele Remix) _ soundcloud, 2012

Trimbal _ Confidence Boost (Harmonimix) _ 12″ _ R&S, 2012

Silent Servant _ Invocation of Lust _ Negative Fascination _ Hospital Productios, 2012

Especial: FlyLo meets Isao Tomita

Flying Lotus _ Bus Stop _ 12″ _ Plug Research, 2006

Isao Tomita _ Clair de Lune _ Snowflakes Are Dancing _ RCA, 1974

Flying Lotus _ 1983 _ 1983 _ Plug Research, 2006

Isao Tomita _ The Engulfed Cathedral _ Snowflakes Are Dancing _ RCA, 1974

Flying Lotus _ Begginers Falafel _ L.A. _ Warp, 2008

Isao Tomita _ Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun _ Firebird _ RCA, 1976

La Perla

Jesus & Mary Chain _ Cut Dead _ Psychocandy _ Rhino, 1985


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