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Lo mejor del 2020

El Behringer del Capi 17/12/2020





Especial con lo mejor del año en cuanto a las novedades internacionales

Manne Olander Following (The misanthrope)
Sunny’s City Slang Band (Everything I want)
Åskväder (God’s grace)
Beat City Tubeworks (Ivory wave)
Sons Of Cobra (Outsider)
The Hawkins (Roomer)
Märvel (Public school 75)
Dead Furies (9 to 5)
Mad Dogs (Leave your mark on what you do)
Rokets (Thrillseeker)
Satanic Overdrive (Cold honey)
Plagiarizer (On through the night)
The Sangomas (Don’t you know who I think I am?)
The Stripp (Ride on)
Mud City Manglers (Bring it down)
Motherfuckin’ Motherfuckers (Crash landing)
Rawhide (The strangler)
Skallbank (Vi ska alla dö)
Vandelay (Get ready)
Stacy Crowne (Fool hearted)
The Drippers (Stuck with you)
Randy Savages (R&R dies with us)
Scumbag Millionaire (Dead man’s hand)
Deathtraps (The Devil & me)