High Energy Rock and Roll

El Behringer del Capi 28/01/2021

Salvaje programa el de la noche del 28/01/21

Thee Blind Crows (Cuarto do pánico)
VenturaLaMuerte (Al amanecer)
Burninhell’ Carajillos (El guerrero)
Death By Unga Bunga (Egocentric)
Hot Breath (Who’s the one)
Liar Thief Bandit (Catch and release)
The Hawkins (Black gold)
Los Capitanes (Capitán)
Balas Sobre Broadway (No quiero nada)
Kool & the Gang Bangers (Wish you were dead)
The Highdrators! (Let’s get drunk & high)
Pastoratet (Egoist)
Total Misär (Uppviglares ord)
Sweet Nothing (Leave me alone)
The Trade (All grown up)
Boogie Hammer (All revved up)
Hivekicker (Adipose)
Alpha Boys (No girls allowed)
Governess (Accelerator)
Chuck Norris Experiment (Dirtshot)
Scumbag Millionaire (Going to Brasil)

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