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El Behringer del Capi 04/02/2021

Gran estado de salud del Rock and Roll

K7s (Poison heart)
Enamorados (Chaqueta de cuero)
Jipis Atómicos (Misil)
13Segundos (Cereus)
La Excavadora (Kimika)
Brad Marino (What do you know)
Allergic To Humans (Girls just wanna have fun)
The Flaming Sideburns (A song for Robert)
Devil Dog Road (Swing the bat, man)
SkunkDog (CnF)
Antagonizers ATL (Believe)
Savage Beat (League of fools)
Empire Down (Flames at daybreak)
Cuir (Cagoule rose)
Turbocoopers (All american man)
Volume Unit (Is it love)
The Deathlines (Hold your horses)
Los Burros (Acumular)
The Straddlerz (Streets of love)
The Limit (Life’s last night)
The Stripp (Redline)
Deathtraps (Go fast)

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