Novedades 3 Marzo 2021

El Behringer del Capi 04/03/2021


Otro gran programa en el que por un fallo de conexión no quedo registrada la recta final del programa


Gong Show (Wonder woman)
Bonzos (Athletic)
Los Daltonics (Se nace rojiblanco)
Kinki Boys (Respira)
Türbøt (Mujer)
The Last Tsar (Don’t come runnin’)
The Nuclears (Siamese connection)
Sick Thoughts (Drug Rock)
Miss Lava (Fourth dimension)
Here Lies Man (Can’t kill it)
Warish (Seeing red)
Speed Of Light (Kill the vibe)
The Limit (Kitty gone)
Das Ghoul (Ghost train)
Hella Rebelliön (The art of the deal)
Wenches (Bad man)
Governess (B​-​list starfucker)
Blast Bomb (Outta my mind)
Grande Royale (Troublemakers)
Sons Of Cobra (City of pain)
13Segundos (Hilo y aguja)
Preachers Of Distortion (I’ll be the first in line)

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