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The Rogers y otras nuevas bandas a descubrir

El Behringer del Capi 21/01/2021

Otro programa plagado de buenas canciones y mejores bandas

The Rogers (I’m a bitch)
Zoketes (Españoles primero)
Devil Dog Road (Dirty work)
New Generation Superstars (Goodbye 2020)
Curly Mane (2020)
Slovenians (Newbee in town)
Anthrophobia (Running out of time)
Overcharge (D​-​Beat destruction)
Indonesian Junk (Policeman)
Los Pepes (Never get it right)
The Hardlickers (Beef bologna baby)
The Turbo A.C.s (Liquor store Blues)
Space Cowboys (Calling for the other side)
The Boatsmen (I don’t wanna lose this time)
The Dirts (Take me away)
Insanidade (Destroy Rock and Roll)
Fish Head (Too late)
SwapMeat (Super destroyer)
Grande Royale (Just as bad as you)
Snakes (Rock n Roll city)
Chuck Norris Experiment (Let the wheels roll)
Scumbag Millionaire (Too much is never enough)

El Behringer del Capi

La Música del diablo

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