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Sing Swan Songs #78: Music for a RnR Birthday Party (part1)

Escrito por el 09/06/2014

Pues eso


St. Tropez Brigitte Bardot 1968
Let’s Go Trippin’ Dick Dale 1961
Comanche Revels 1964
Rawhide Link Wray 1959
Come On Chuck Berry 1962
Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees) Eddie Fontaine 1958
I Love My Baby The Phaetons 1959
Long Time Dead Jack Rabbit Slim 2005
Boogie Children (Boogie Chillun) John Fred & His Playboy Band 1964
messing with the kid Baby Huey 1965
Goin’ To The River BILL & WILL 1964
I Can’t Explain The Who 1965
Hold Tight Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch 1966
I get around Beach Boys 1964
X Cert Johnny Hawksworth 1970
am i a fool in love Ike & Tina Turner 1960
What You Don’t Know Don’t Hurt You Bobby Marchan 1961
Free, Single And Disengaged Huey «Piano» Smith 1957
Irresistible You Bobby Darin 1961
Sinner Not A Saint Trini Lopez 1963
Nursery Rhymes Deon Jackson 1963
Baby, Baby, Baby Anna King 1964
Nâo vá se perder por aí Os Mutantes 1969
prociss√£o Gilberto Gil 1968
Any Way the Wind Blows Mothers of Invention 1966

* Selected by Salva Masdeu
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