Sing Swan Songs #83: 1.993

Sing Swan Songs sigue con la série «años acabados en 3» de la que durante 2.014 se han realizado hasta el momento pocas ediciones, apenas 2.003 que vibi poco después del repaso al 2.003

Tanto 2.013 como 2.003 fueron buenos años, pero 1.993 fue un año glorioso, vean el listado


Serve The Servants Nirvana In Utero
I Just Wanna Get Along Breeders Last Splash
She Don’t Use Jelly Flaming Lips Transmissions from the Satellite Heart
Something For Joey Mercury Rev Boces
Different rhytms, different people US3 Hand on the torch
Insane In The Brain Cypress Hill Black Sunday
Spare Ass Annie William S. Burroughs Spare Ass Annie & Other Tales
Holy Man Paul Weller Wild Wood
The Next Girl BMX Bandits Little Hands
We’ve Been Had Uncle Tupelo Anodyne
A Head With Wings Morphine Cure for pain
Louisiana Train Wreck Pere Ubu Story of My Life
T.V. Patrullero Mancuso Viva Bonito
Emma Get Wild Sebadoh Bubble & Scrape
Sure Shot Polvo Today’s Active Lifestyles
Memphis Chicken Gibson Bros. Memphis Sol Today!
Dry PJ Harvey Rid Of Me
Human behaviour Bjork Debut
You Belong To Me Bob Dylan Time Out Of Theft
I’ll Shoot The Moon Tom Waits The Black Rider

TOP 10 SING SWAN LPs 2.013

Cypress Hill, Black Sunday
Fugazi, In On The Kill Taker
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Extra Width
Nirvana, In Utero
Paul Weller, Wild Wood
PJ Harvey, Rid Of Me
Redd Kross, Phaseshifter
Tindersticks, Tindersticks
Tom Waits, The Black Rider
Yo La Tengo, Painful

* Selected by Salva Masdeu
SingSwanTwits: @SingSwanSongs_

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