Sing Swan Songs #9: Norton Records

Escrito por el 11/02/2013

At the end of 2.012, Norton Records’ warehouse and mail order operation was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed most of Norton catalogue’s stock.

Norton Records is among the (if not THE) finest record labels when it comes to primitive, retro rock’n’roll, rockabilly, garage punk, garage rock, lounge music and early R&B.

We’ve had sooo much fun listening to Norton’s releases. Many of them would have been hidden to our ears forever without their help.

Many music lovers around the world are helping Norton Records in many different ways. Today we want to thank Norton spreading their word.


A finales del 2.012, el almacén de discos de Norton Record quedó seriamente perjudicado tras el paso del huracán Sandy por Brooklyn. Como consequencia, buena parte de sus existencias musicales (alrededor de 250.000 discos) quedaron seriamente perjudicadas.

Norton Records se distingue por su excelencia a la hora de publicar rock’n’roll primitivo, rockabilly, garage punk, garage rock, lounge y R&B primerizo.

Hemos disfrutado mucho escuchando sus ediciones. Muchas de ellas nunca hubieran llegado a nuestros oídos sin su ayuda.

Muchos amantes de la música de todas partes están ayudando a Norton Records de diferentes maneras. Hoy queremos dar las gracias a Norton Records compartiendo su música.

Please play it loud! Help Norton Records

1. Link Wray – Ace Of Spades (1965)
2. Sun Ra – Tell her to come on home (1962)
3. J.J. Jackson – Oo-Ma-Liddi (1966)
4. Charlie Feathers – Jungle Fever (1958)
5. Harvey – Anyway You Wanta (1962)
6. (pre- Velvet Underground) Lou Reed – Your love (1962)
7. Iguanas – I Don’t Know Why (1964)
8. Bobby Fuller – I fought the law (1964)
9. Joe Boot And The Fabulous Winds – Rock And Roll Radio (1958)
10. Benny Joy – I’m Gonna Move (1958)
11. Calvin Cool – El Telecote (1963)
12. Johnny Powers – Long Blond Hair, Rose Red Lips (1958)
13. Egyptians – Party Stomp (1960)
14. Sonics – Shot Down (1966)
15. Wailers – Dirty Robber (1965)
16. Mad Mike and the Mechanics – The Hunch (1961)
17. The Musical Linn Twins – Rockin out the Blues (1958)
18. Hasil Adkins – Get Out Of My Car (1967)
19. Savoys – Slappin Rods And Leaky Oil (1959)
20. Real Kids – My Baby’s Book (1977)
21. Flat Duo Jets – Mexicali Baby (1995)
22. Caps – The Red Headed Flea (1959)
23. Jerry McCain – My Next Door Neighbor (1957)
24. Andre Williams – Back In Tijuana (1996)
25. Frantics – Werewolf (1960)
26. Youngsters – Zebra (1959)
27. Shades – Strollin After Dark (1959)

* Selected by Salva Masdeu

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