Canción actual




Not quite the grand special that such a prolific, consistent and influential artist such as Lawrence probably deserves, but being the end of the year we have to make way for the last of the new from 2013. But there is still time for a preview of something from Lawrence’s sixth and latest album “Films […]

Llegamos a otro fin de semana repleto de actividades que nos mantengan el cerebro ocupado. Estamos tan acostumbrados a oír voces en nuestra cabeza que cuando dejamos de oírlas no soportamos el silencio que nos produce el vacío de ideas…

Si la característica fundamental del AIKIDO es la neutralización del adversario en situaciones de conflicto, derrotándolo sin dañarlo, en lugar de destruirlo o humillarlo, Aún De Repuesto se centra en la búsqueda del equilibrio emocional a través de la síntesis de los principios activos de la electrónica menos comercial…

Electronic soul started this weeks show with the voiceless, late night vibes from the forthcoming Simple EP on Apollo before Lapalux and Kaytranda threw down some lovely vocals over deeper than deep beats. Sweatson Klank then turned the airwaves blue with the single from his forthcoming EP on Project Mooncircle before Teleseen dropped the deep, […]

Really happy this week to start the show with some brand new Bilal and to announce he has signed to the good old boys at BBE Records for his new album due out in March and if the first single is anything to go by then we are all in for a big treat. Next up was some jazz from […]