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Como hemos afirmado ya en varias ocasiones durante este ejercicio estamos asistiendo a la consolidación de la escena electrónica nacional y muchos de los artistas que representan tal corriente ya están saboreando las mieles del éxito. Pero cuidado, no se nos confíen, que los nuevos talentos vienen pegando fuerte. Aquí una entrega más de Beatfull […]

An out of body experience this week as we are out of the studio and instead present an ambient mix that is out of this world.

This week’s show features a motley collection of unpredictable and unclassifiable electronica from Torsten Pröfrock’s classic “No. 8” to new tracks from Patten, Forest Swords and Ricardo Donoso.

Another deep jazz cut from Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo then stirred the show from its slumber and paved the way fro Titts‘ chopped and screwed bassline vibes, which led nicely into some submerged soul from Actress, closely followed by quality beats from Barcelona based Fitzroy North, snagged from his soon to come EP on Tiburoni.

Since 2002 the Manchester based label Modern Love has represented a sort of litmus test of where current electronica is at. With the restless and predatory curiosity of a cat they have stalked out the forever opening frontiers, shifting from dub techno, to dub step and drum n bass, and then on to knackered house, […]

One of the most notable trends in electronic music in 2013 was the dominant impact of albums from artists working in left field and ambient-leaning electronica. It seemed that a great number of artists fully assimilated into the album concept and delivered masterpiece works that used the format to all its strengths while pushing themselves […]

It is the last of our normal shows this week before we start a four part round-up of the best of 2013. We start with Roly Porter’s epic and dramatic track “Gravity” before turning down a cul-de-sac of experimental beat collages from _moonraker, Objekt and Diskotopia boss BD1982. Daniel Avery and Vester Koza steady the […]

Ziggyminds nace de la pasión de dos artistas influenciados de un gusto musical y un background similar: Bettosun y Robert X.

Aquí estamos de nuevo para descubriros nuevas propuestas que no podemos pasar por alto. Desde el folk en carne viva a la electrónica ambiental, pasando por el postpunk más contundente que encontramos en nuestro panorama musical emergente.

Seguimos viajando por tierras subterráneas para traeros un tracklist creativo y con propuestas donde no falta la originalidad en la manera que nos presentan su música.

Torus – Backyard (Sonic Router promo) Ancient Astronauts – Robots Are Taking Over (Switchstance) Laurel Halo – Dr. Echt (Hyperdub) Kid606 – Cloud Sculpting (Tigerbeat6 promo) Mount Kimbie – You Took Your Time, Kyle MF Hall DVO Dub (Warp) Rumpistol – Asleep (Rump Recordings promo) Exercise One – Verlooka (Exone promo) Palms Trax – Equation […]

A nice soulful selection in a roundabout sort of way this week, a week when Boards of Canada have been releasing their back catalogue for all those slow on the draw the first time around. The new Om Unit album on Civil Music is a pleasant surprise with it’s pleasing musicality and some nice vocal […]

This week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM we take the journey from bubbly new age ambient to hard techno and all with a woman’s touch as we celebrate the first of two shows dedicated exclusively to female electronic musicians.

Aterrizamos después de un largo verano con más ganas que nunca para conservar el calor y el motor de nuestra música para todo el invierno. Fuego subterräneo que despierta para arroparnos durante todo el año.

No time for waffle or links this week, just the tracklisting…

Ya está aquí la edición 018 de Beatfull Day by scannerFM. Esta vez contamos con contenidos especiales que estamos impacientes de que escuchéis: la entrevista a Pete Reilly del sello Soul Jazz Records y encargado de la tienda discos del Soho Londinense Sounds Of The Universe.

Quite an experimental, cosmic sort of vibe going on this week kicking off in lovely melodic style though with Noveller‘s «Bright Clouds Bloom» which led right into the submerged jazz beats of Ahnnu before Submerse waded in with some fine instellar beats from his new Project Mooncircle release.

A largely leftfield electronic selection this week kicking off with more Shigeto because, quite frankly, you can’t have too much of Shigeto‘s new album which is on the headphones and on repeat.

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