El Hombre Máquina : Anatemas FistBar! nº 34

El Juego del Hombre Máquina

El término electronic body music fue acuñado por Ralf Hütter de la banda electrónica alemana Kraftwerk en el año 1978 para explicar el sonido más físico desu álbum The Man-Machine. Estamos en 1993. Nos visita de nuevo Esteban DJ, de retorno de la ciudad hanseática de Hamburg, donde ha ido a reunirse con Tom Ripley. Sepamos porqué.

CdV P047: Ambient special

For those in the Northern hemisphere suffering a late summer heat wave, we start the program in the icy realms of Frozen Thoughts on the Glacial Movements label. We stick to the shadows with Sleeper and Savvas Ysastis’s collaboration with 12K’s Taylor Deupree before a quiet religious moment with Aquarelle. Then for those whiling away the cold winter months in the southern hemisphere we turn to the tropical island sounds of Tuluum Shimmering and Xiphiidae, both on Aguirre records. For the finale it is a downward spiral as only the ever prolific Bvdub and Black Swan could provide. All the travelling is inside your head this week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM.

Canela En Surco 013 – Raúl Almeda Presents «Dominica Suspiria»



Este pasado San Juan, una de las personas a las que tenemos más cariño, admiración y respeto aquí en la dirección de Canela En Surco; Mr. Raúl Almeda, se acercó por el estudio para hacer un programa que teníamos en mente hace mucho tiempo y que por el resultado sonoro obtenido, ya estamos deseando que se vuelva a repetir..(Esto va por ti Raúl, no te nos escapes..!!)

CdV P041: Boris Bunnik special

Much like Rene Pawlowitz aka Shed, Dutch musician and visual artist Boris Bunnik has used a lot of different monikers to branch out and explore his musical ideas. Most recognisable for his take on dub and techno as Conforce, he has recently been more active under a host of other names, principally the electro-leaning Versalife, who released their debut album “Vantage Point” recently, and Vernon Felicity, his take on modern house. But there are also many other sides and names to Bunnik’s music and this week on Cabeza de Vaca we try to unravel the links between them all as well the art and design he warps them in.

Audio Texture Radio Show – June 31, 2013

A quite unrepentently electonic affair this week apart from the lovely folk opening courtesy of Grey Reverend, a little taste of his new material due later in the year. Ken Camden then sent us on a sprawling electronic space odyssey and gave the world a taster of his forthcoming release on Kranky, which we will be checking for sure. We were interested to receive the new Comfort Fit material this week having known him from his more soulful endeavours on Tokyo Dawn but his new stuff on First Word is a bit darker and deeper but none the worse for it. Jaw Jam then dropped some  big beats and bass, big up XLR8 for the freeload before we had to drop a tune from our album of the week from The Child Of Lov which has been on heavy headphone rotation.

Audio Texture Radio Show – June 24, 2013

So back from the holiday and back into musical action once more kicking off this week with some of that new/old soul business belted out by the powerful voice of Marta Ren. Debruit then laid down the summer hip hop vibes recorded with Shamon Cassette whilst he was in New York, which led nicely into the ever impressive Homeboy Sandman riding a twisted, yet compulsive break. We were then happy to finally share a track from the forthcoming TG Mauss album which we’ve been sitting on and enjoying for the last few weeks, check it when it drops on the ever interesting Karaoke Kalk in July.

Via Aèria #9 Tristesse Contemporaine, Boards of Canada, Mu-Ziq.

El esperado regreso de Boards Of Canada abre este capitulo,  que como cada semana llega a Scanner FM con las novedades de la electrónica mas audaz, como la que propone  Mike Paradinas  con su proyecto µ-Ziq o el trío francés Tristesse Contemporaine (foto), también sonará lo nuevo de Naum Gabo quien junto a Hugo Capablanca se embarcan en en una nueva y feliz entrega para el sello Correspondant.
La joven Morgan Hammer, John Camp , Urulu y Mirror People completan  la lista de artistas que sonarán en esta edición de Via Aèria.

La Dosis P203

Esa noche Nemo soñó que llovía bajo el agua y que su paraguas era la enorme caparazón de un extraño crustáceo de color rojo que de muy mala manera le daba cobijo.

P033: Dadub special

Dadub, the Italian duo of Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, have had a key role in the Stroboscopic Artefacts sound. Not only have they produced some of its most memorable releases, including their recent debut album “You are eternity”, but they work behind the scenes mastering the labels output and putting the final touches on the labels signature sound, forged from dark ambience, intelligent beats and a gritty finish to the digital purity. Cabeza de Vaca turns its attention to some of the duos recent releases as well as some of their contemporaries from Spain and abroad.

Audio Texture Radio Show – April 29, 2013

So it’s all about locking into the long groove this week with only 11 tracks making up this show and a fair bit of 4/4 to boot but a lovely slice of nu-soul, courtesy of Kyra Simone, kicked off the show from  the nice new lovers compilation, The Heart #3, on Tokyo Dawn Records who are probably about to create a baby boom if they release any more in the series. Another Record Store Day release then followed with the ever interesting Nicolas Jaar giving Grizzly Bear a nice slo-mo deep house twist which led into the outrageously sprawling and quite frankly, epic, Larry Gus remix of Sinkane‘s, «Warm Spell» which led into another equally epic track, the soon to be reissued «Boutade» from Mugwump – look out for that on International Feel in June.

P030: Ambient special

Another ambient show on Cabeza de Vaca this week. We start off with two Spanish artists and labels and then turn our attention to a pair of new tracks from Belgium’s Aguirre imprint. In the final half of the show we uncover some overlooked ambient tracks from techno and house producers on some recent 12”s and album releases.

P026: Spanish electronic music Part III: Semantica and techno.

For the third and final installment of our three part Spanish electronica series we turn our attention to Svreca’s iconic Semantica label from Madrid who have risen to become a landmark imprint of modern design and front-line sounds from hard and experimental techno to IDM. For the rest of the show we highlight some of the standout techno tracks from Spanish artists and labels.

P022: Shoegaze techno special.

To celebrate the belated release of My Bloody Valentine’s recent album MBV, Cabeza de Vaca goes digging in the archives to find the traces left by the group on electronica and the dancefloor in the intervening 20 years since “Loveless”. On our journey we unearth classics, rarities, curiosities, stepping stones, missed opportunities and dead-ends in the long and winding path to who knows to when.

P018: Ambient and experimental music special.

A wide ranging feast of ambient and experimental music this week on Cabeza de Vaca. We kick off with the elaborate constructions of Chris Madak’s Bee Mask project and the quiet tone song of Australian Oren Ambarchi before passing through some more classical coloured music from Jasper TX and the lush chamber music of Christoph Berg. Italian duo Retina.it offer a gentle and ghostly respite before the noisier climax. Brad Rose’s Charlatan alias is a cacophonous contrast whereas Damian Valles and Alex Cobb offer a track each of detailed drones and hidden emotions.