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«Stuck in a rocket over Mongolia. What are we doing up here when we could be in Ulan Bator dancing and drinking beer?» (Leningrad Cowboys, «Ulan Bator Girls», 1996) Capítulo 12: “Palíndromos balantes en Ulan Bator” Incluye lo nuevo de Sigma, Common & John Legend, Hombres Bala, Charlie Wilson, Trey Songz y Anderson Paak; descubrimos […]

We are at Dimensions Festival! Smiling all the time as last year, totally immersed in muzik and nature.  After the Opening Concert at Pula Amphitheatre (our cover) and the first night with great names like legends of techno Derrick May and Juan Atkins in his Model 500 project, and other big artists as Floating Points, […]