Audio Texture 15.10.13

So the Forgotten Bird‘s album, «Sahara» is finally out and it’s a lovely thing as this weeks opening track, «Windmills Of Your Mind» clearly shows, do yourself a favour and go and buy it to soundtrack those quieter moments in your life.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – July 15, 2013

So this weeks show veered towards the dark side this week with a few rays of musical sunshine throne in for good measure with Paul White kicking things off with a further taste of his new Watch The Ants EP which should be due sometime very soon. The aptly named…

Audio Texture Radio Show – July 6, 2013

All over the shop this week kicking off with East of England based Hoofus and a taste of his peculiar musical madness closely followed by Jameszoo and his chopped, twisted and then retwisted blend of jazz and MPC prowess. Myron & E then provided the traditional soul vibes from their great new album on Stonesthrow before Cavern of Anti-Matter laid down the soundtrack to dystopian future, some would say present. Dirg Gerner then treated us to some of his distinctive vocal beat arrangements to announce the release of his new EP on Eglo and what should be the start of a healthy career.

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20Mil Leguas presenta: Interiora Procellárum

Mientras en tierra firme la ciudad se derrumba y cae putrefacta en mil pedazos, Nemo mutaba en un caballo que acariciando a su gato preferido, posa para la posteridad en la cubierta del Nautilus como si la tormenta interior apenas rozara el lente de Corey Arnold.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – June 31, 2013

A quite unrepentently electonic affair this week apart from the lovely folk opening courtesy of Grey Reverend, a little taste of his new material due later in the year. Ken Camden then sent us on a sprawling electronic space odyssey and gave the world a taster of his forthcoming release on Kranky, which we will be checking for sure. We were interested to receive the new Comfort Fit material this week having known him from his more soulful endeavours on Tokyo Dawn but his new stuff on First Word is a bit darker and deeper but none the worse for it. Jaw Jam then dropped some  big beats and bass, big up XLR8 for the freeload before we had to drop a tune from our album of the week from The Child Of Lov which has been on heavy headphone rotation.

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Canela En Podcast 001 – Gus Van Sound

Hace ya bastante tiempo que desde la dirección del programa habíamos pensado iniciar una serie de Podcasts con sabor a canela, es decir, retazos musicales de artistas y dj´s cercanos a esta casa, cercanos debido a su proximidad espacial, pero sobre todo, a su manera de entender la música y el mundo. Personas a las que admiramos, respetamos y aún mas si cabe, queremos.

Por esta razón nos gustaba que el primer ejemplar de Canela En Podcast lo firmase una de las personas que más cumple con estos tres requisitos, GUS VAN SOUND.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – May 6, 2013

A show of two halves today, downtempo, soulful beats and bobs to start before the bassline and twisted house kicked in to shatter the quiet. Starting this weeks show was a track from the wonderful new project from Peter Wraight, arranger for the Matthew Herbert big band and his new project The Webster Wraight Ensemble before we dropped the most soulful cut from the intriguing recent release by Clouds on Ramp. Now we’ve been bigging up the Omar album recently from the sampler and it looks like the music is living up to the expectation. The album is a real soulful journey across the styles. Ty then followed up with some great Fela sampling hip hop before US soulboys Myron & E made a great first impression.

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P028: Dubstep and a focus on Keysound Recordings

Some dubstep this week as we turn our attention to the Keysound Recordings label from London run by Dusk and Blackdown. Several of their recent releases, combining Grime and classic dubstep styles, have set the standard high for 2013, whereas we also highlight the recent album by the label owners themselves and show our respect to some of the new blood they continue to foster.

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P025: Spanish electronic music Part II: Hivern Discs and house.

For the second of our trilogy of shows dedicated to Spanish electronica, we turn our attention to house, moving inwards from the fringes of bass and techno, to the modern classical sound of Barcelona’s Hivern Discs label run by John Talabot. We focus on four recent releases from the label representing five different artists from the Peninsula and trace their history and influence.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – February 11, 2013

Really happy this week to start the show with some brand new Bilal and to announce he has signed to the good old boys at BBE Records for his new album due out in March and if the first single is anything to go by then we are all in for a big treat. Next up was some jazz from a fantastic new compilation on Heavenly Sweetness who have managed to unearth some incredible, forgotten, jazz gems from various dusty French vaults. BJ Smith then provided a stellar version of the Mos Def classic, «Umi Says» which led nicely into a modern day French future underground classic with the debut single fromThe Mardo Bump Society and for sure it’s got the Bump.

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