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Acaba de lanzarse un excepcional disco donde se repasa el legado de uno de los beatmakers franceses de este siglo: Degiheugi. En este entretenido ejercicio participan artistas de la talla de La Fine Équipe, Mounika., The Architect, Dj Vadim, Scratch Bandits Crew o Souleance. Distintas generaciones siempre al servicio del arte callejero del ‘beat’. Estamos […]

El productor galo se pronuncia de nuevo provocando reflexión a través de «The New Flame», el vídeo -dirigido por Yann Kornowicz– es el paseo de un lobo por un fresco urbano post-apocalíptico. Y según hemos podido averiguar se trata de un ejemplar que se llama “Oulala” y ha sido adiestrado por el equipo de Cinéanimal. […]

El colectivo originario de Saint-Étienne acaba de publicar en X-Ray Production «La clarté dans la confusion», tercer álbum de estudio que cuenta con hasta una veintena de canciones -esto sin interludios de relleno- y como treinta dos invitados -artistas donde abundan los vocalistas y algún que otro conocido beatmaker- al festín. L’Entourloop han aprovechado el […]

Audio Texture Radio Show – January 11, 2016 by Audio Texture on Mixcloud Sven Kacirek & Sado Yokome – Densa Bushi (Pingipung promo) Lo Tide – Roll (Diventa promo)

Augustus Pablo – El Rockers Chapter 3 (Greensleaves) Moodprint – Skinshaped Outro (Tangram promo) River Tiber – When The Time Is Right (Bandcamp) Roseau – Grab, Kwes Rework (Big Dada promo) Levantis – Jamaican (Technicolour) Vai – Ilia Alma Delay (Holger promo) Robert Logan – Cyborg Horn (Slowfoot) Shigeto – Pulse (Ghostly International promo) Gecko […]

Romare – Rainbow, Bedroom (Ninja Tune) Andrew Claristidge – Silver Horse Pt. 1 (Mille Feuilles promo) Roseau – See You Soon (Big Dada) Milo – Rabblerouse (Ruby Yacht) Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Into Forever feat. Josephine Oniyama (Gondwana promo) Soul Scratchers – Scratch My Back Pt. 1 (Tramp) Brian Auger – Butterfly […]

Thomas Ragsdale – The Dales (This Is It Forever promo) Mrs Jynx – Coral Face (Planet Mu) A.Karperyd – Winter Tone (Bandcamp Self Release) Wermonster – Know, They Must (Slow-Fi Monks) N’gaho Ta’Quia – I Ain’t Your (Heard and Felt) Claude – Whoop (Musique Large) Kutiman – Inner Galatic Lovers (Self Release) Fitzroy North – […]

Bastien Keb – Beat Without A Heart (One Handed Music promo) Khruangbin – White Gloves (Bandcamp) Woolfy vs Projections – The Bright Light Of The Truth (Permanent Vacation) Seeds of Fulfillment – The Provider (Tramp promo) Family Man – Dub Maker (Dubstore) F.S. Blummbastic – WHOCKAH (Pingipung promo) Slime – Patricia’s Stories feat. Jermiah Jae […]

Felix Laband – Pietermaritzburg (Compost) Bullion – Saysah! (Greco Roman) Hugh ‘Redman’ James – Ba Bat A Ba Bat (Dub Store) Leron Thomas – Role Play feat. Bilal (Heavenly Sweetness promo) Mark Barrott – Right 4 Me (International Feel) Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – One In A Million (Timmion promo) Idris Acaamoor & […]

Kirkis – Willwonka (Bandcamp self release) Jeb Loy Nichols – That’s All I Want (City Country City promo) Lee Bannon – Kanu (Ninja Tune) Jahiliyya Fields – Lovegiver CB (LIES promo) Lil Jabba – Murky Moon (Local Action) Toby Gale – 3 Up (Activia Benz) Wrongtom – Repossession feat. The Correctional Horns (Tru Thoughts promo) […]

James Mason - Up Jump (Rush Hour promo) Bilal - Pleasure Toy, Inkswel Radio Edit (BBE) Blacksmif - Beautiful Things (Shining Path promo) Mighty Atlas - Warchant (Fremdtunes) C418 - Moog City (Ghostly International promo) Dave Douglas - High Risk (Greenleaf) Lakou Mikik - Parenn Legba (Self Released) Moscillate x Garimastah - For A Moment [...]

Audio Texture is an independent music consultancy specializing in putting extraordinary music in the ordinary world. We love music even more than chocolate & we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out […]

Lifted – Bell Slide (Pan) Kone – The Battle (New Los Angeles) LA Priest – Oino (Domino promo) Jesse Hackett – Sacred Oblivion (Circle Star promo) Jay McGee – Danger (Legere) Hailu Mergia – Yegle Nesh (Philophon) The 23s – Shadow Music, Pt.2 (Karaoke Kalk promo) Tapes – Datura Mystic (Honest Jons) Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga […]

A weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries & support the world of quality, underground music.

Shuttle358 – A Ground Without A Figure (12K) Drew Lustman – Onyx feat. Le1f (Planet Mu) Smurphy – JARDIN (Leaving Records) Anton Zap – Incident (Apollo) Danny Scrilla – Free Flight feat Om Unit (Cosmic Bridge promo) Wermonster – Discovery (Uncomfortable Beats) Wayne Snow – Rosie (Tartelet promo) The Monkey Nuts – Beetle Juice feat. […]

Tracklist : (Sigue Jugando..)

Nosaj Thing – Cold Stares feat. Chance The Rapper (Innovative Leisure promo) Bambooman – Rushed feat. Jehst (Sonic Router promo) James Pants – Sat Nav (Stones Throw promo) Alva Noto – Xerrox 2ndevol2nd (Raster Norton) Lapalux – 1004 (Brainfeeder) Blundetto – Hands For Silver (Heavenly Sweetness promo) Frameworks – Old Friend feat. JP Cooper (First […]

A Coral Room – The South Border (Infracom promo) Cy Gorman – Cool Change feat Will Poskitt (Heard and Felt promo) Dizz1 – Get Em Up feat. Frank Nitt (Tru Thoughts promo) Vursatyl – Super (BBE promo) Ego Ella May – How Far (Self Released) Jonny Faith – Neon (Tru Thoughts promo) Gantz feat. Rider […]

Jiin – Black Ballet (Planet Mu promo) Optic Nerve – The Calling (Delsin) Great Dane – Until We Meet Again (Alpha Pup) Kasar – Alwin (Sonar Kolletiev) Loscii – Ma.Org (Segue) Re.Mx (Cronica Electronica) Dasha Rush – Sleep Ballade (Raster Norton) INIT – Talking About Talking (Hivern Discs) D.k. – Licence To Dream (Antinote) Fabiano […]

Laura Groves – Friday (Deek) Nostalgia 77 & The Monster – Island In The Sun (Tru Thoughts) Clifford Jordan – John Coltrane (Jazzman) DopeGems – Trust Me (Heavenly Sweetness) Tom Ze – Guindaste A Rigor (Mr. Bongo) J’von & Ackryte – Lawst Sheep Intro (Cascade promo) Dumbo Gets Mad -Indian Food (Bad Panda Records) 9th […]