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De Nuevo, la ciudad condal, nuestra querida y mágica Barcelona vuelve a ser protagonista indiscutible. Un año más en pleno otoño vuelve el festival de las artes digitales a la antigua fábrica de “Fabra i Coats”. Hablamos del “MIRA”. Ese Pequeño y gran evento a la vez, que no necesita de las altas temperaturas veraniegas […]

Back to techno this week as we head north to Sweden and the home of the shadowy producer who goes by the name of Abdulla Rashim.

A double special this week, with one ear on the eclectic Houndstooth label curated with the impeccable taste of Electronic Exploration’s Rob Booth, with the other ear on English producer Paul Woolford.

So the show is back again after a little Easter sojourn to places more relaxing , where the batteries have been recharged ready for the Autumn workload and release schedule madness.

Weedy of 40 Winks kicked off this weeks show in his own inimitable, sample chopping style before we gave you a little taste of the new I’m Not A Gun album with the title track «Sub-Tones» – surely a future Balearic classic? Millenium then provided a peek of their new EP with some bass heavy, […]

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