CdV P041: Boris Bunnik special

Much like Rene Pawlowitz aka Shed, Dutch musician and visual artist Boris Bunnik has used a lot of different monikers to branch out and explore his musical ideas. Most recognisable for his take on dub and techno as Conforce, he has recently been more active under a host of other names, principally the electro-leaning Versalife, who released their debut album “Vantage Point” recently, and Vernon Felicity, his take on modern house. But there are also many other sides and names to Bunnik’s music and this week on Cabeza de Vaca we try to unravel the links between them all as well the art and design he warps them in.

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P035: Long range techno

Long techno and house tracks are always a little awkward. In a DJ set they sometimes need special tricks to get them to work, whereas many are too long for normal radio. Yet so many have special attributes and details that you can only appreciate at length and they can often become ignored. To restore the balance, this week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM we take a journey inside a segment of five epic tracks of different styles to appreciate their longevity and unravel their mechanism.


P035: Tecno largo alcance


Largas temas de tecno y house son siempre un poco torpe. En un DJ set a veces tienen trucos especiales para llegar a trabajar, mientras que muchos son demasiado largos para la radio normal. Sin embargo, muchos tienen atributos especiales y detalle que sólo se puede apreciar escuchando durante un largo plazo y que a menudo puede llegar a ser ignorado. Para restablecer el equilibrio, esta semana en Cabeza de Vaca y Scanner FM, haremos un viaje dentro de un segmento de cinco temas épicos de diferentes estilos para apreciar su longevidad y desentrañar sus mecanismos.


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