Circuito Virtual 4×02: Sónar 2014. Primer contacto

En esta nueva entrega de Circuito Virtual hacemos un breve  repaso emocional de la edición de 2014 de Sónar, uno de los mejores, o directamente el mejor, festival de música electrónica del mundo.

Ha sido un viaje en el tiempo muy entrañable, pero de nostalgia no se vive y el Sónar  no ha terminado. Si algo caracteriza a este evento es su capacidad para mutar, adaptarse y sorprender en cada edición.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – May 27, 2013

So a show of two halves again with musical electronica (for want of a better description) kicking things off and the deeper, leftfield side of house with a bit of disco and Afro finishing things off. Nancy Elizabeth got things rolling with our favourite track from her new album on the, always intriguing, Leaf Label and some cultured electronic folk. Cloud Boat followed that up with a great slice of James Blakesque future folk and displayed why they supported the man on tour before we dropped the most musical and melodic track from the otherwise dissapointing Mount Kimbie album. King Garbage then picked up the baton and delivered his otherworlldy R&B mutation, «Telephone» but it could have been any of 4 tracks from his great new EP on Styles Upon Styles.

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