CdV P071: Moodymann special

Few artists have left an instant impact that has lasted so long. But there are few artists like Detroit’s Kenneth Dixon JR, aka Moodymann. From his techno influenced debut in album 1997 on Carl Craig’s label Planet E to his most recent and self-titled jazz-house masterpiece on his own label KDJ label he has consistently delivered something new and innovative in a city that thrives on creativity, even as it files for bankruptcy. This week we unravel some of the themes running through the work of Moodymann and the complicated web of character and setting that set his most recent work apart from the imitators.


CdV P071: Especial de Moodymann

Pocos artistas han dejado un impacto inmediato que ha durado tanto tiempo. Pero son pocos los artistas como Kenneth Dixon JR de Detroit, alias Moodymann. Desde su debut álbum influenciado por el Detroit techno en 1997 en el sello Planet E de Carl Craig a su más reciente y homónimo obra maestra de jazz-house en su propia sello KDJ siempre ha ofrecido constantemente algo nuevo e innovador en una ciudad que destaca por la creatividad, así como que se declara en bancarrota. Esta semana vamos a desentrañar algunos de los temas que atraviesan la obra de Moodymann y la complicada red de carácter y escenario que estableció su más reciente trabajo, aparte de los imitadores.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – June 17, 2013

I’m not going to write much this week as I’m officially on holiday exploring, then laying on, the quietest beaches in the north of Ibiza I can find with the help of my nice girlfriend and little hairy dog. So far so good we’re all totally chilled and enjoying life and I’m even getting some colour!

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P029: Omar S special

Omar S should need no introduction: the Man from Detroit has been a constant presence on the dance floor for almost a decade, inspiring minds and moving bodies with his ability to innovate at the same time as providing universally acclaimed sounds that straddle both techno and house. This week on Cabeza de Vaca we show our respects to his recent 4th album and some other recent singles.

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