Audio Texture Radio Show – October 12, 2015

Flanger – Sweet Silence (Non Place) St Germain – Family Tree (Primary Society) Henry Wu – Neezy (Rhythm Section) Okzharp – Dear Ribane feat. Manthe (Hyperdub promo) Ackson – The Backwards (Here & Now promo) Whizz Kid – Clones (Bearsuit) Denzel + Hun – Hitzriki (Oktaf) Heathered Pearls – Perfume…

Circuito Virtual 4×06: La «Motor City» Vol.1

Detroit es una ciudad rica en mestizaje y musicalmente inabarcable, infinito; una de los patrimonios musicales más ricos del planeta, y la cuna de la música techno. Por ello es tan difícil abordarlo en un solo programa; realmente nos hemos quedado con la sensación de arañar la superficie en este primer programa dedicado íntegramente a la “Motor City”. Continuara.

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SubMachinGun#16 Put your hands up for Chicago! I love this city!

Algunas joyas de la historia del House de Chicago/Detroit. Solo para auténticos amantes de este género apasionánte. Conducido y manipulado por Cesar de Melero.

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Audio Texture Radio Show – May 27, 2013

So a show of two halves again with musical electronica (for want of a better description) kicking things off and the deeper, leftfield side of house with a bit of disco and Afro finishing things off. Nancy Elizabeth got things rolling with our favourite track from her new album on the, always intriguing, Leaf Label and some cultured electronic folk. Cloud Boat followed that up with a great slice of James Blakesque future folk and displayed why they supported the man on tour before we dropped the most musical and melodic track from the otherwise dissapointing Mount Kimbie album. King Garbage then picked up the baton and delivered his otherworlldy R&B mutation, «Telephone» but it could have been any of 4 tracks from his great new EP on Styles Upon Styles.

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From Detroit to St Germain

The Shelter  inspired in jazz and its influence in all kind of electronic music, first show focused on Detroit. There was different facts that throw me into this:

– The release of the new compilation «We Love Detroit» by Derrick May & Jimmy Edgar.

– The upcoming releasing of Victor Santana & Band new album ( Victor,one of the best techno producers in Spain, with a jazz band)

And after that just some documentaries about The Creation of Techno,Detroit, Underground Resistance, Carl Craig, Herbie Hancock….What you´re about to hear is a set (with some classics) mixed with some speeches of Mike Banks,Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, Victor Santana and another interesting voices….. Everything with a jazz flavour.

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