#Disco not Disco

Canela En Surco is so proud to present in this last day of our third season, to one of the most interesting diggers in Europe; Mr. Luka Novakovic. The man behind Discom records and Disco Not Disco has released two of the best reissue works in the past year; first with the Boban Petrovic – […]

Tracklist: 1.- The United States Of America – The American Metaphysical Circus 2.- N. AE. – Z Listu Do M 3-. Chris Mosdell – Psalm Of Motion  4.- Sandii and the Sunsetz – An Antenna 5.- Contact-U – Inside You 6.- Guy Cuevas –  Ebony Game 7.- Max Adioa – Toubab Vilé 8.- Rex Rabanye […]


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