DJ Sprinkles

2013 found house stretched to the limit. At one extreme are artists like Ex-Pylon and the roster of 100% Silk making ecstatic, rough-edged and casual lo-fi tracks, while at the other end Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie amongst others purvey a more glamorous and commercial style with bigger bass and straighter edges.

Después de viajar a lo largo y ancho de la galaxia, Cosmic D’Alessandro se instala temporalmente en Barcelona.  Vestido con su mejor disfraz de humanoide, el extraterrestre se acercará semanalmente a ScannerFm a compartir sus sonidos favoritos de aquí y de allá, de ahora y de antes. Abrochénse los cinturones y abran bien sus oidos.

It may be time to send in your tax return, but there’s only one thing on our minds at Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM: sex. This week we pay tribute to the second best thing in the world after tax havens, dividends and creative accounting. Starting seductively with the Modernist, we come all too […]

English producer and conceptual sound artist Mark Fell has been challenging the process, structure and purpose of electronic sound since the late 90s. Solo he has played in art galleries, toyed with house and built nanoparticle-powered random music. With Mat Steel he has sculpted glitch mobiles and rhythmic networks under the name SND and more […]

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