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«Mary had a little boy but little did she know That everywhere that Mary went the little boy was sure to go» (Snap!, «Mary Had a Little Boy», 1990)

«Just let your body go, girl let that booty roll, Get on the floor and let it spin like a hula hoop» («Hula Hoop», Stella Mwangi feat. Mohombi, 2011) Capítulo 18. Con lo nuevo de Trey Songz, Ariana Grande, Nas, Ivan Nieto, Santa RM, Aurora & The Betrayers, Incognito, DJ Cassidy, Michael Jackson y Pharrell […]

«There is a house in New Orleans. They call the Rising Sun. And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy. And God, I know I’m one.» («House Of The Rising Sun «, The Animals, 1964) Capítulo 15: nuestro Ideal Semana Santa viene cargado con lo nuevo de Rita Ora, Alicia Keys, Classified, Rapsusklei & The […]