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Tracklist Part 1 James Custodio : Efdefemin – oh my god (reprise). Chicago Dial Lp 21 2009 The Art of Noise – Opus 4. In Visible Silence, Chrysalis 1986 Madteo and Dj Sotofett…? Omar S – Here s your Trance, Now Dance!! FXHE 2011 Cassy Britton – Nil Desperandum. Perlon 64 Dj Honesty – Kareen. […]

Si bien en otras lides (sobra citar en cuáles) últimamente se habla de regeneración sin que la misma acabe por llegar, en el ámbito de la escena musical electrónica local podemos afirmar que tal regeneración es un hecho y por ello la disciplina goza de una salud envidiable. Basta con escuchar 

En el primer programa de esta 3ª temporada de Canela En Surco tenemos el placer de presentar como invitado a una persona que hace ya unos meses nos llegó al alma nada más conocerlo, estamos hablando de Marco Gegenheimer  aka M.L.I.R.

Straight after Sonar weekend there is only one type of electronica music we need at Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM and that is dub techno.

Canadian producer Scott Monteith has long been one of the best dub and dub techno producers and Paul St Hilaire (aka the artist formerly known as Tikiman) is a living legend amongst reggae vocalists.

Since 2002 the Manchester based label Modern Love has represented a sort of litmus test of where current electronica is at. With the restless and predatory curiosity of a cat they have stalked out the forever opening frontiers, shifting from dub techno, to dub step and drum n bass, and then on to knackered house, […]

Coming from the hills of Tuscany near Florence in Italy, the Bosconi Records contingent headed by Fabio Della Torre and Ennio Colaci have made a big mark on 2013 with their impressive Bosconi Stallions series of 12”s as well as their regular releases.

Due to technical issues a voiceless program this week, with an unmixed run of dub techno and dub-inspired tracks replacing our promised special on Laurel Halo which will be next week. There is plenty on offer though, from some powerful driving club tracks from Bleak, Reeko and Savas Pascalidis, to more atmospheric numbers by Andrea […]

Si hubiese que nombrar a un colectivo o marca que ha «cambiado el juego» en lo que a las noches barcelonesas se refiere; sin duda tendríamos que nombrar principamente a The Monkey Bar como los grandes artífices de que haya habido un corrimiento de fuerzas en la escena de club local de los últimos años.

Plenty of new faces this week on Cabeza de Vaca as we continue our investigation of the Japanese electronic music scene with a focus on techno.

This week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM we preview a mix of Spanish and international artists/labels who all purvey their own distinct take on the dub techno sound. We range from the deep atmospheres of Exium from Asturias and Refracted’s forest gloom to the heavy industrial malaise of the mysterious Subjected and the […]