CdV P079 Perc special

Sometimes Perc still feels like a new artist, but it is easy to forget that his rise to prominence has taken a decade of hard work, perseverance and risks. The north London-based artist has recently delivered his second genre defining album “The power and the glory” which mixes blatant experimentalism with crunchy and battering rhythms without being afraid to make political comment and keep the mind as well as the body occupied. Ali Wells’s label Perc Trax and his new sublabel Submit have also become powerful strongholds of the modern industrial techno sound alongside newcomers Fifth Wall Records and Karl O’Connor’s Downwards imprint, who celebrate their 20th anniversary year, and who both feature prominently this week.

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Berliner Mauer : Anatemas FistBar! radio show nº 21

Berliner Mauer

Como se sabe, el muro de Berlín era en realidad dos muros. Así se decía cuando fue construido. Con el paso del tiempo se olvidó, y la expresión El muro de Berlín acabó por predominar sobre la más exacta Los dos muros de Berlín que era la que circulaba durante los primeros meses.

El olvido de ese dato se debe a que los dos muros estaban casi pegados y daban la apariencia de una sola pared.