CdV P043: Dub techno special

This week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM we preview a mix of Spanish and international artists/labels who all purvey their own distinct take on the dub techno sound. We range from the deep atmospheres of Exium from Asturias and Refracted’s forest gloom to the heavy industrial malaise of the mysterious Subjected and the moody dubstep of Berlin’s Freund der Familie.

CdV P042: Eduardo de la Calle special

Another all Spanish electronica special this week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM. As well as some recent local releases, including some new labels, we profile the career of Eduardo de la Calle, one of the most in-form producers and DJs in the Peninsula and world-wide. Yet despite the recognition and prolific output, Eduardo has often been misunderstood. We separate myth from reality and track some of his recent output as well as some important turning points in his career.