Canción actual




“¿Quién detiene palomas al vuelo volando a ras de suelo?” (Mecano, «Mujer contra mujer», 1988) Capítulo 13: “Palomas mensajeras y señores Miyagi”

“Baby keep on. Right on. Keep on doing it. Now my baby keep on.” (Barry White, «Never Gonna Give You Up», 1973) Capítulo 11: “Playas de voz grave”

«Oh, girl, this is that Paulo Coelho How I feel like yayo, how I feel like yayo» (Russ, «Paulo Coelho», 2014) Capítulo 9: “Paulo Coelho come lichis en Onubia” Incluye lo nuevo de Jazmine Sullivan, Rivo Soul, Soste Wárrimor, Ignacio Torres, Ludacris, J Cole, Jhené Aiko y Ariana Grande; descubrimos a Brigitte, MOVITS!, The 1978ers, W-inds, […]

«He yanked the beard right on off of his chin And in his eyes I could see he was hurt.» (The Beach Boys, «Santa’s Beard», 1964)

Bass lines and beats kicked off this weeks show with Jah Wobble, the Larry Heard meets Hip Hop meets Juke sounds of Traxman and then the darker dubbed out breakbeats of DNN and no talking from me for three tracks either, can’t be bad.

A nice Brazilian start to this weeks show kicking off with two tracks from the new Gilles Peterson produced project Sonzeira, crack musicians, great tune selection, no filler, go get it. 

El Reino Unido, después de Francia, alberga el más elevado número de habitantes de ascendencia africana en Europa. Gracias a ello se ha consolidado a lo largo de los años una generación de músicos y artistas, hijos de padres y abuelos africanos, de quienes han adquirido un rico legado cultural y musical.

So all about the jazz to kick off the show with the fierce sounds of Jaimeo Brown closely followed by the sweeter tones of rising vocal star Zara McFarlane with some help from Leron Thomas which bodes very well for her forthcoming album on Brownswood.

No time for waffle or links this week, just the tracklisting…

Nice warm summer vibes in this weeks show on the whole with a taste of Kasket‘s forthcoming EP of jazz beats on Apollo setting the tone, closely followed by some classic jazz from Henry Franklin which has been given a new lease of life and publicity courtesy of the new Snowdog, Black Jazz reissue mission.