This week Cabeza de Vaca celebrates the release of Legowelt’s latest album “Crystal Code 2080” released on Crème Organization which arrives amidst a flood of impressive releases from the ever prolific Dutch master on labels such as L.I.E.S. Dekmantel and the Acid Arab series on Versatile.

Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM kick off 2014 with double special featuring the best of two maverick labels.

The first of four shows rounding up electronic music in 2013 starting with techno.

Another artist this week who doesn’t need too much introduction. Marcel Dettmann, the East German-born and bred producer has long been at the top of the game with his world renowned and often lengthy DJ sets honed to perfection on the legendary Berghain sound system. Production-wise, Dettmann has made a name as a remixer, but […]

En un mundo dónde todo se intenta homogeneizar, legislar y robotizar, existen pequeños refugios dónde el peligroso aburrimiento de la cordura y el oscuro y resignado raciocinio no han podido llegar. De hecho nunca lo harán.. Estos refugios a veces toman la forma física de personas; personas que en mi opinión son la única esperanza que […]

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