Lucrecia Dalt

Quite an experimental, cosmic sort of vibe going on this week kicking off in lovely melodic style though with Noveller‘s «Bright Clouds Bloom» which led right into the submerged jazz beats of Ahnnu before Submerse waded in with some fine instellar beats from his new Project Mooncircle release.

El festival M!RA se lleva el protagonismo una vez más en Circuito Virtual.

La buena mermelada está en el bote pequeño. Nos volcamos en ésta emisión en mostrar las interioridades de la segunda edición del M!RA, festival radicado en Barcelona, que en su segunda edición contó con artistas tan dispares comoActress, Lone, Eedl, Ametsub, Alizzz…

Guitars and dark post punk ambience colours todays show. A quick primer to mythical Essex group Disco Inferno sits in the middle of a collection of down beat and trip hop electronica characterised by female vocals and shadowy hues and emotions. More information, links and additional music at   Guitarras y un oscuro ambiente […]

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