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Method Man

““My head is spinning baby what went wrong. I swear to god I tried.” (John Hiatt, «Alone in the Dark», 1987) Capítulo 13×16: «Alone in the Dark»

“We are the cartoon heroes, oh. We are the ones who’re gonna last forever.” (Aqua, «Cartoon Heroes», 2000) Capítulo 1: “Cartoons, bambas y happy meals”

“Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection?” (OneRepublic, «Connection», 2018) Capítulo 19: «BCN-MAD Connection (Summer Special Bonus Track)»

“Super superman Don’t you understand we love you?” (Miguel Bosé, “Super Superman”, 1979) Capítulo 6: “Tíos con leotardos” (Superhero Special Edition)

“Pardon me, boy. Is that the Chattanooga choo choo? Track twenty-nine. Boy, you can gimme a shine” (Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, “Chattanooga Choo Choo”, 1941) Capítulo 18: “Pelusas de Chattanooga”

“Feared that we hide, know it is time we care for all that’s within Free from the sun, we are the ones that stop when we begin” (Lake Komo, “Milwaukee”, 2016) Capítulo 9: “Chimichurri de Milwaukee”

«Pichi es el chulo que castiga» (Celia Gámez, «Chotis del Pichi», 1931) Capítulo 2: “Webster y el chotis del Caribe”

«J’ai quatre ans et je suis petit Dur dur d’être bébé» («Dur dur d’être bébé!», Jordy, 1992) Capítulo 4: “Tito Prince y el freestyle de Willow” Incluye lo nuevo de Selah Sue, Willow Smith, DJ Khaled, Rapsusklei con Sharif y Juaninacka, Apache y Jagged Edge; descubrimos a Lauriana Mae, TiTo Prince, The Underachievers, Muslim, San E […]

«Words on the back of flyers. My clothes are in the dryer. It means nothing.« («Lemmings», Blink-182, 1997) Quinto episodio: te estrenamos lo nuevo de Evan Black, El Santo & Tosko, Yancey Boys, Lyfe Jennings, Amel Larrieux, The Excitements, Rizzle Kicks y Pentatonix; descubrimos a Native Souls, Bashiyra, The Mend, All About She y al […]