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Mungo’s Hi-Fi

Shuttle358 – A Ground Without A Figure (12K) Drew Lustman – Onyx feat. Le1f (Planet Mu) Smurphy – JARDIN (Leaving Records) Anton Zap – Incident (Apollo) Danny Scrilla – Free Flight feat Om Unit (Cosmic Bridge promo) Wermonster – Discovery (Uncomfortable Beats) Wayne Snow – Rosie (Tartelet promo) The Monkey Nuts – Beetle Juice feat. […]

Red Saunders - Summertime (Jazzman promo) Kindness feat. Kelela - With You (Female Energy/Mom+Pop) The Lamplighters - Moscow Central (Here & Now) Ed Lee feat Alison David - Follicle (Compost Disco) Daniel Grau - Delirio En Fa Menor, Max Graef & Delfonic rmx (Sonar Kollektiv promo) DJ Dolores - Satie Dub (Far Out promo) Prince [...]
Christopher Willits - Vision (Ghostly International) Kell//ua - Lateness (Bandcamp Self Release) Flying Lotus - Moment Of Hesitation (Warp) Calibro 35 - Prologue (Record Kicks promo) Alison Crockett - Like Rain (Wah Wah) Omar - Theres Nothing Like This, Scratch Professor Retwist (Freestyle promo) Fremdkunst - Blue Poles (Frendtunes) Fashawn - Golden State Of Mind [...]

Not much to say this week due to a lack of hours in the day, just the tracklisting for this stylistic mish mash of a show: