Ya no queda nada para que los próximos 10, 11 y 12 de julio se celebre la segunda edición del Festival ElectroSplash, una de las citas más frescas, familiares y para todos los bolsillos de la costa mediterránea. Con la imaginación como clave y la diversión como propósito, ElectroSplash os invita a ser partí­cipes de una experiencia que […]

The first of four shows rounding up electronic music in 2013 starting with techno.

Another artist this week who doesn’t need too much introduction. Marcel Dettmann, the East German-born and bred producer has long been at the top of the game with his world renowned and often lengthy DJ sets honed to perfection on the legendary Berghain sound system. Production-wise, Dettmann has made a name as a remixer, but […]

Due to technical issues a voiceless program this week, with an unmixed run of dub techno and dub-inspired tracks replacing our promised special on Laurel Halo which will be next week. There is plenty on offer though, from some powerful driving club tracks from Bleak, Reeko and Savas Pascalidis, to more atmospheric numbers by Andrea […]

For the third and final installment of our three part Spanish electronica series we turn our attention to Svreca’s iconic Semantica label from Madrid who have risen to become a landmark imprint of modern design and front-line sounds from hard and experimental techno to IDM. For the rest of the show we highlight some of […]

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